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Another English teacher checking in. And not just an English teacher, but one who's teaching to kids whose first language is not English. I do talk about symbolism in my classes, but not so much as a way to unlock the "real" meaning of a book. It's more to make them aware of one of the tools they have available as a reader/writer. Love it or hate it, symbolism is part of the creative process, and they should know how to use it. What I don't do, however, is make assumptions about what the author wrote. I get the students to tell me what they think the author meant in this part or that. Are they right? Sure, if it helps them appreciate and understand the work.
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Glad to hear that Memories volume 2 is in the works! My copy of volume one is so lonely. It has The Day After to keep it company on the bookshelf, but you know how it is....
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For me, that's half the fun of reading a book - taking the time to think about it and putting all that down on... um... paper. So thank you for providing me with something to think about.
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Read it, enjoyed it and reviewed it - I will resist feeling a certain smugness, having the Dead Tree Edition, although I know there will be a day when I finally start buying more books electronically than physically. It'll be hard, but until I move into that TARDIS, space is at a premium.
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Feb 5, 2011