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Love that book! I think this post is the one that got me "hooked on you" awhile back. A kindred spirt, I was certain. I have a good comparison for you. In West Texas we have "dirt storms" in the spring. Infrequent as they are, if you were here for one, you might swear you'd NEVER live here. But the day after, the sky is so amazinly clear and blue. I read once that our town is one of the top ten in the U.S. for lowest air pollution due to, get this, the air being "cleansed" or sandblasted, better yet, by the dust storms. Ironic. All that to say, I'd take the bugs...small price to pay for such beauty. Thanks for the info on that great book! Carrie
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"'s the ones I know who frighten me so"!!! I get this. I REALLY get this. It can/has/DOES shut me down. I've often wondered if any other bloggers (I can hardly even call myself a blogger) ever think about this. VERY few visit my blog, but the few who do find their way to The Lazy Dazy are people I know; like a cousin from childhood I rarely see now or "friends" from high school who may see posts via Facebook. It scares me so to bare myself, become vulnerable. It is terrifying to let down my guard. Thank you for sharing, being transparent and real. Keep it up. Imperfect is so loveable! Carrie
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Feb 16, 2011