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Perpetual war for perpetual peace, flip flopper Gingrich won't beat Obama if he is the GOP nominee. Ron Paul is the only candidate that can beat Obama. As poll after poll shows Paul can get more democrat and independent voter support than any other candidate. And that is what it takes to win an election. Paul has a good, solid foreign policy that is based on an understanding of human nature and common sense. Paul is for us having a strong military and national defense and unlike Bush and Obama, won't pussyfoot around if any one messes with us. Paul is the only candidate that has put forth a bold, sound economic plan. Paul knows more about monetary and economic matters than all the other candidates put together. And when the impending financial and economic collapse happens, Paul is the best equipped candidate to handle it. Paul will protect are freedoms and liberties by following the constitution and has a rock solid record in that area. And that's one of the main reasons the establishment really fears him. Paul has not sold his soul to the devil and will not sell this country out. In other words he is not another bought and paid for status quo sock puppet. That's another reason the establishment (military industrial complex, financial terrorists on wall street, crony capitalists, globalists, neocons and the bought and paid for press that prop them up) doesn't like Paul. On the major issues, Obama can't beat Paul in any debate, no matter what the subject is.
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2012 on Newt Gingrich's Florida team at Naked Politics
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Jan 5, 2012