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Isnt this the way Dempsey "left" New England? Unprofessional and imature IMO. Maybe he should ask Tevez how this strategy worked for him.
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2012 on Reports: Dempsey fined by Fulham at Soccer By Ives
Who pissed in your Cheerios?
How is he being inarticulate? And did he say anything bad. He said he would rather be in New York, but to grow this was the best thing for him. Went on to thank the club for helping him grow.I think he did himself a big favor by acting like a mature professional.
You want mention of the CHI RSL game here it is: "First half no score. This game sucks to watch." "Second half is over now and no score. Im so goddamn bored watching this. I made my mom a mothers day card from scraps of paper laying around. I think she'll like it cause it has hearts on it and I told her about how great it is to have a mom that bakes sausage bread for me. She makes the best sausage bread. Man this game sucks."
Please. What are you some 70 year old grumpy old man? A "menace to society"!!! Ha.
As well as Dax McCarty did last night, he also gave the ball away 4 or more times that I saw. Then there was him and Solli with terrible shanks trying to shoot. It was a great performance, but still many errors to clean up.
Havent you heard its cool to bag on the RedBulls? It distracts people from how bad their team sucks.
I know. LA has dropped every single pre-season match. I worry for their fans. We had our reserves lose to Real who put on a bunch of starters second half. I think a better barometer will be the next match against Revolution on Sat. Then we'll see what kind of team Hans puts out and how we fair against them.
And you've been to how many now Sqeaked er tweaked?
NYRB have a hard time filling the stadium now. Its embarrasing sometimes sitting there when the stadium is 3/4 full and they announce a sell out crowd. What will happen if NYC gets a team? Cant be good. One thing for sure, Im not going into NYC to see a game. But its good for people in the city.
I rest my case.
And the excuses are flying! Hey, at least you guys "moved the ball well"
LA signs Drogba, Ballack, Raul, and Del Piero. Arena replies to questions of salary cap, International spots: "We had a lot of allocation money."
Let me guess, you also support Barcelona and Manchester United. Tool.
Since the Redbulls dont have a match tonight, massages on the beach were scheduled followed by a class on making Mayan blankets. Were doomed.
Keen eye for the obvious. Not comparing who is a better player if thats where your going with this. Just pointing out what an elitist tool Landon is pretending he doesnt know who Luke Rodgers is.
Thats because Landon doesnt think about anything besides himself.
This also helps the MNT. Bringing in guys who hopefully raise their game in Europe does alot for the Nat squad.
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2012 on Ream's transfer to Bolton complete at Soccer By Ives
They hate us because of the band Creed. Just like some people dont like Canada because of Nickleback. Its sad. So sad.
"Well Andy, basically Americans have lower expectations." JK Just kidding. Is 29-9-9 so bad of a record for his time at Bayern?
So are we in this automatically next year?
I would love for Dax to go to Europe. Can we have DeRo back now please.
Does somebody smell hardware? Go ahead haters, start hating.