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It's hard to recognize anyone around here anymore these days. A few Gator trolls verses a few 'Canes fans and it makes for good laughs at times. BTW; I'm a UCF alumni but was born bleeding Orange & Green straight out of the vagin. Love my 'Canes; always have always will no matter what. Go 'Canes!
Pumped! Flying my flags proudly. Wearing my 'Canes tie. Changing into my 'Canes gear after work. Headed to the Citrus Dump (Bowl) to see my 'Canes go for that very important 10th win. Play hard, respect Wisconsin, fight strong and get it done tonight 'Canes as you go for 10-3. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH C-A-N-E-S CANES Go 'Canes!
Hey all, Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Eat drink & be merry and most of all stay safe. Go 'Canes!
They'll be a 6th National Championship to add to that achievement very soon too. Keep up the good work Randy. Go 'Canes!
Congrats on a solid season baby 'Canes! You beat the ACC Champs again...two years in a row. Next year the ACC belongs to U! Now come join Orlando in the Champs Bowl and make me a happy local 'Cane! AHHHHHHHHHH C A N E S CANES!
Love it! Those obnoxious fans of that team in Canesville can see the writing on the wall - THE BEGINNING OF THE END HAS BEGUN. Congrats on a fine run and another very fine season (undefeated not...again). Bama-Texas in the championship bowl game. Tebow and Urban hold a kiss and make up session under the stars while wiping the tears from each others eyes. All the while UF gets invited to a solid bowl game and loses again, to another strong team. That's what happens when you (cough) schedule a fraudulent schedule. And the best part about it remains this... HERE COME THE 'CANES AND YOU KNOW IT BABY!!!
I'm very proud of this team and their 9-3 record. All in all 9-3 exceeds what all experts predicted. It shows the team is maturing and the young guys are growing up. Randy Shannon has this team headed in the right direction and coach Lovett and Whipple were excellent additions to the existing coaching staff. Good riddance Patrick Nix and Bill Young. This helps recruiting as now kids can see the turnaround has officially begun. Sure there is still room for improvement (lots of it too which is a good thing when you finish 9-3 and lose two of those games by a combined 12 points) but you get better when you have something solid to improve upon. They've got something solid to improve upon now. The U is a serious contender for multiple National Championships starting now. I'm not one to throw that out there unless I whole heartedly believe it. I believe it and I suspect the college football guru's will agree when they begin looking to next season. Win that bowl game for a 10 win season! Go 'Canes!!!
Come on 'Canes. Play your best game of the season today in Tampa and beat the Bulls. 9-3 works nicely and exceeds almost everyone's expectations for this season. A solid bowl game invitation to wrap up the year and 2010 is set up nicely. Trust us haters - WE'RE EXCITED! Earn that 9-3 today. Go 'Canes!
Talking about SWAGGER, these baby 'Canes are about to re-define the meaning of the word. Just keep watching HATERS. With that said, do your thing tomorrow and play Butch's UNC Tar Heels tough all game on your way to 8-2. Get that first road win in Chapel Hill. Go 'Canes baby!
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2009 on Injury report at UM Hurricanes | Sun-Sentinel Blogs
It would be a great accomplishment if these 'Canes can stay focused and win out. Of course to do so they must take it one game at a time. A 10-2 regular season record (chance at it anyway) regardless of how the ACC pans out is above and beyond better than ANYTHING ANYONE worth a damn gave Miami credit for before the season began. Get to a quality bowl game and win that too and it sets up 2010 & 2011 to be very special years. Keep bringing in the talent and before you know it Miami will be back in business with the phrase they coined - RELOAD! Go 'Canes!
Love the new image. Thanks for the idea Jason!
That's what I'm talking 'bout gro ne. 7-2 and on the way towards 10-2 baby! Go 'Canes! (and the haters can suck on my left nut)
Haters love winners. Go Yankees! Come on 'Canes. Play a complete game against UVA - four strong quarters. Defense must redeem itself tomorrow. Get that 7-2. Go 'Canes!
As a fan I'm happy for 6-2 any way you slice it or dice it. Hopefully the wins become sexier as the team continues to get better. The foundation for a true national contender is already wearing Orange & Green today. Loving the news on the addition of several solid recruits. Go 'Canes!
You know the drill fellow 'Canes. Let's hope our boys stay focused and play good ball. It's obvious but UM needs to improve coverage on special teams (punt & kick off returns) and stop the run. I hope to see more explosiveness from the offense as well. Go get that 6-1 and... Go 'Canes!
You mean cry Urban Meyer style? D@ck...
Happy about a 5-1 to start the season! Sometimes teams win unimpressively. Just ask UF with their 3 point escape of them mighty HOGS. With that said; the 'Canes have to play better against ACC opponents to have any shot of winning out. Go 'Canes!
Let's go 'Canes! Stay focused, play smart & strong and take UCF out early then keep them out. At the game tomorrow, I'll be chearing on my beloved 'Canes (my heart and soul) and cringing just a little bit as they pound my Alumni. Get that 5-1!!! Go 'Canes!
I always use the word homo. But only n a respectful way Posted by: thegod31 This just made me laugh! Good stuff...
Congrats 'Canes on win #4. This is so much more fun! Real 'Canes fans knew this was coming soon and this year is for real, the return of a college football super-power. Can't wait to see how the remaining 7 regular season games pan out and what happens after that. The nation has been warned and the hater know what is about to happen. Soon #6 (National Championships)!!! Suck on that!
Oh yeah; and the haters still suck on the left nut...
Come on baby! Stay focused, play strong and smart football and put FAMU away quickly. Respect the Rattlers and get that 4-1. Go 'Canes!
God bless these 'Canes! Love the way they can bounce back from a disappointing loss to VT and beat OU. The momentum is beginning to build and the tides are absolutely shifting. This is a very good 'Canes football team (yes we're young haters) and I can't wait to see how they handle these next 8 games. Congrats on the 3-1 start and keep going strong! Oh yeah; F@%K the haters baby!!!
Time to bounce back from an ugly loss last weekend to a good VT team. Show passion and heart and play hard for 4 quarters. Beat the Sooners for a 3-1 start to the season. Go 'Canes!