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Theresa Quintanilla
Houston, TX
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Interests: CRM, customer relationship management, marketing, loyalty, innovation, business books, houston's image, blogging, new york, marketing trends
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Building loyalty within the B2B category can be very challenging, especially if price negotiation has taken place. Suppliers may feel they've already invested in a customer. Unfortunately, the B2B customer may not feel the same way. After the sale, the best ongoing signal of support for a B2B customer is helping them succeed with their customers. For instance Jim Griffing, founder of Griffing & Company accounting, always helps his clients understand if their operating expenses are inline with industry standards. IBM helps its big customers by sharing original marketing research on its customers's customers, and American Express helps its small... Continue reading
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Retail experiences have been a trend for quite awhile. Stores from Hershey, Apple, and Anthropologie all broke new ground, but they always filled the store with things to buy. Now, the latest retail experience is to have less merchandise, more something else... NY Times: For Brands Like Toms, It’s All About the Experience, 2015-Nov-13 by Steven Kurutz “Getting people into stores has become a huge challenge because the e-commerce experience gets better and better,” said Kim Vernon, a fashion brand consultant and industry veteran. “The smartest thing you can do is to get people in your store.” The ways brands... Continue reading
Posted Nov 18, 2015 at QViews
Recently recognized for their ability to delight customers with simplicity of use, Google, Netflix, Amazon and Chipotle made it to the top five of the "simple brands" identified by customer experience strategy consultant Siegel+Gage. Among the up-and-coming "simple brands," Dollar Shave Club says "Dollar Shave Club couldn't be simpler. Select one of our great blades, pay only for the cost of your blades, and we send ’em right to your door every month." At Seamless, they say "we make ordering food for delivery and takeout seamless!" Harvard Business Review: Why Simple Brands Win, 2015-Nov-9 by Margaret Molloy Customer experience is... Continue reading
Posted Nov 17, 2015 at QViews
GameStop is always getting grief from market analysts who say they will fail as did Radio Shack with their mall stores and their focus on selling games in boxes. But the 32 million people participating in "PowerUp Rewards" provide GameStop with up-to-the-minute data about customers. Over the last year, GameStop has followed these customers into mobile: VentureBeat: CMO Roundtable: Turning one-time app installs into loyal users, 2015-Nov-13 GameStop first launched its mobile app in 2014. But as [VP, Multichannel Jason] Allen says in the webinar, GameStop listened to its customers and then delivered what they really wanted — not what... Continue reading
Posted Nov 16, 2015 at QViews
Most companies want you to do something unnatural to be rewarded. Like "buy again with 15 days" or "spend $100 on your next visit." At MW Cleaners (owned by The Men's Wearhouse), President Mike Nesbit came up with a great reward, but then took it one step further. They identified the customers who'd ALREADY earned the reward and gave it to them. National Clothesline: Mike Nesbit: What's Important, 2014-Aug One way the chain is trying to improve customer service is by offering its clientele something that it can’t get anywhere else. About two years ago [2012], it started a rewards... Continue reading
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For our family wireless service, we switched from AT&T to Verizon several years ago, and we've found them eager to provide reliable, high-quality service. So we've been loyal. A couple of months ago, I ran a price comparison and found that Verizon remains a superior value. So when Verizon launched their Smart Rewards program, I expected it would offer good value to its customers. Since we'd been customers for a few years, we started the program with over 100,000 points, and I spent a couple of hours trying to find a way to spend them for something we'd really enjoy.... Continue reading
Posted Nov 9, 2015 at QViews
Paytronix, a leader in retail loyalty solutions, holds their own User Experience conference, and this year they asked attendees to share their most important advice for each other. From their October 2015 newsletter: If you missed PXUX this year, here are the key takeaways fifty of your peers identified on our last day of the event: Don’t give mass discounts to high-frequency members – they will come in anyway. Use target and control campaigns to calculate incremental lift and definitively answer the question: “Would they have come in anyway?” When you send an email, resend the exact content a few... Continue reading
Posted Nov 6, 2015 at QViews
If our business goal is to sell as much as possible without paying any attention to profit margin or operational expense, we will soon be out of business. Identifying our best customers, figuring out how to nurture their business, and training our people to maintain the relationships, those are the strategies that make our business sustainable. Loyalty is a simple idea that is hard to practice. Harvard Business Review: Building Loyalty in Business Markets, 2005-Sept by Das Narayandas The $40 million software firm Unitech Systems ... drew up a list of customers that together accounted for 80% of its annual... Continue reading
Posted Nov 4, 2015 at QViews
When Kroger launched their state-of-the-art loyalty program in 2003, I was immediately won over. It helped that there was a Kroger store four blocks from my home (yes, I have an inner city lifestyle). At every touch, my loyalty grew stronger. The program seem to mold itself around my needs. Now they have one of the highest ranking loyalty programs in the world. What if we don't have millions of dollars to spend on a world-class loyalty program? We follow these guidelines from Bond Brand Loyalty: Elements that ranked as the top functional drivers of satisfaction include: The appeal of... Continue reading
Posted Nov 2, 2015 at QViews
When I explain to business people that I build marketing databases, they usually respond by asking, "Can you give my any tips for generating leads?" Actually, I have quit framing my work that way, but I still encounter so many people asking "can you help me find new customers?" I have started to reply that, "I can help you value the customers and contacts you already have." Nick Bird said it more elegantly than I can (emphasis added): Traditional businesses ask - "How can we define the group of prospects who are most likely to want product X?" From this... Continue reading
Posted Oct 26, 2015 at QViews
Otherwise known as the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten has built a sustainable empire from a food shop to media brand. Strategically, she knows exactly where she wants her business centered: writing cookbooks. She builds a broad variety of relationships, and not everyone survives, but she clearly makes it a goal to find a partner around whom she can stabilize her business and her personal life. Loyalty appears to be instinctive for Garten, but we can all learn from her approach: find someone who fits your values and grow together. When our partner changes, look to growing with them. When we... Continue reading
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The rising popularity of Photo Booths is driven by a few different benefits. I enjoyed using one during a party at Story a few years ago, but now many retailers are using them on a daily basis. Let's break down the benefits so you can see if they apply to your business: 1) Better experience for your customer: If you sell clothing, gifts or souvenirs, people may enjoy sharing their purchase or purchase idea with friends. Of course, they could use their own camera BUT a booth may provide better lighting. Seeing the booth may remind them to share. 2)... Continue reading
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Loyalty to our employer is never going to be compensated in the way we expect. Enterprises are not capable of keeping everyone employed, even if they are inclined, which most are not. When we have an employer, we owe them good value for the money they pay us, and we owe it to them not to undermine their success by anything else we do, until we resign. Being a loyal employee is a matter of self-respect for ourselves. When I am loyal, I respect myself, but I don't expect a company to be able to do any more than treat... Continue reading
Posted Oct 15, 2015 at QViews
It's pretty easy to have loyal relationships with our customers, but loyalty leaders like Hershey and IBM are loyal to their prospects, to the entire category they hope to win. It helps to have deep pockets, but we have to start with a desire to benefit a category of people, and to be a little selfless about making it happen. Harvard Business Review: 6 Ways to Tell Stories with Data Throughout the Customer Lifecycle, 2015-Oct-2 by Alexandra Samuel A smart strategy is to create data-driven content that’s a must-read for your target—like the content IBM has built from its series... Continue reading
Posted Oct 9, 2015 at QViews
Privacy experts have been shocked to discover how easily we consumers part with our data in exchange for a few benefits. My personal example is the app Waze. In exchange for constantly sharing all the information about where, when and why I drive, it tells me how to get around more easily in heavy urban traffic. It is SO worth it! (As long as no one ever wants to stalk me or frame me.) The real challenge is making sure our customers see how much they can benefit from the information we collect. The guys at OKCupid have had a... Continue reading
Posted Oct 7, 2015 at QViews
If we want a stable base of business, we have to be steadily moving toward our customers, giving them more of what they want. Unfortunately, our customers are changing constantly, even moving away from us. By constantly collecting data we can follow them, or replace them, if necessary. A satisfaction survey is seldom enough, unless we use it to open a dialogue with our customers. Our best bet is to have a customer tracking plan in place. Sort out our best customers, then collect information about them and from them. Compare it to trends in transactions. Are we moving with... Continue reading
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CRM technology is a given at most large companies these days, and it's often used as a data repository instead of a marketing tool, so no return on investment is expected. Good SEO and content marketing will bring in new customers, leading to increased revenue. Understanding and using the data in our CRM tools will help us improve our share of existing customers' activities, leading to increased profits and revenue. Why settle for revenue when we can have higher profits as well? How are our competitors handling this issue? eMarketer: What Technologies Are Most Important to Marketers?, 2015-Oct-1 On the... Continue reading
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We know our web sites are most effective when they are regularly updated, but we may overlook an important reason to update: a new category of customer. While we may find a few exceptions, we generally want to expand our market to new categories. And the easiest way is to keep an eye out for new customers who don't fit our existing personas. At the same time, we need to be sure our existing personas still fit. Kissmetrics: 5 Ways to Align Data and Storytelling for Business Growth, 2015-Sep-24 by Shayla Price To target the most influential consumers, data identifies... Continue reading
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In building our brands we don't have to rely solely on our own brand. Customers were originally attracted to our business by certain values, and if we remember those values, we can tap into bigger issues, or even bigger brands, to remind them why they love us. Here's an example. Lightspeed: 4 Steps to Join the Shop Local Movement and Get Exposure in Your Community, 2015-Sep-22 by Zoe Sadler of Snap Retail Use hashtags like #ShopLocal or #SupportLocal with your messages. Tag your fellow businesses in posts to promote the sense of community. Encourage your neighbors to host an event... Continue reading
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Our customers don't expect us to fulfill their every need. However, they appreciate when we recognize their needs beyond our business. Starbucks has actually been bringing the news with the morning coffee for some time, but this new partnership has the most synergy. Complimentary products make the best partners. Loyalty360: Loyalty Lessons from Starbuck's New York Times Rewards, 2015-Aug-31 We sat down with Joe Pino, Director of Client Success at Clutch, who works with an array of leading brands to design and execute customer loyalty strategies to get his perspective on the Starbucks / New York Times loyalty partnership. Q:... Continue reading
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We recently went through the painful process of creating journey maps for a newly identified set of personas with one of my clients. Persona development was not tough because feedback from a recent increase in communications had demonstrated that customers had different information preferences. We couldn't afford to verify with research, but we did layout a foundation to future research. Mapping turned out to be very messy and confusing. Finding free or low-cost tools was hard. Several meetings with staff who interact directly with customers was required to identify touchpoints and customer requests. Then sorting things out into a map... Continue reading
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For many of us owning and operating enterprises, the process of selecting and maintaining a customer relationship management system is full of anxiety. We have hundreds of software products and platforms available. Figuring out which system is the 'best' is like buying a home for your family. Except that picking the wrong CRM can damage our businesses and livelihood. We owe it to ourselves to understand the playing field on which these CRM platforms operate. Not to be an expert, but to help us make common sense distinctions. Gartner is a research company that tracks and compares software vendors, and... Continue reading
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Apple has innovated loyalty more than any other company. When I'm consulting, I tell my clients, "we have to interact with our customers." But that's not what Apple does. Apple allows you to avoid interacting with them or the carriers. Reliability and functionality create a user experience that allows you to buy and use with the minimal amount of support. Now that you can subscribe for an iPhone, pay every month, and get an upgrade once a year, these phones even more like vehicles. We'll pick a carrier like we pick a car dealer, with minimum commitment. Quartz: Apple's iPhone... Continue reading
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So I really like the toll roads in Harris County. They make my life easier. I have driven through many of their toll booths and happily paid the toll. Now one of their toll booths is not reading my toll-paying sticker. I got a TxTag sticker because Harris County Toll Road Authority told me that I can drive their roads and pay with a TxTag sticker. Although I have paid tolls at dozens of HCTRA booths, it's now my responsibility to contact TxTag and make them prove to HCTRA I'm a good customer. Even thought I have no control over... Continue reading
Posted Sep 10, 2015 at QViews
When we discover a new customer and they really like us (really!), we may fool ourselves into expecting smooth sailing. While it's good to experience the sun shining on us, we have to keep steering our business by accepting responsibility to manage the relationship. Years ago I was very upset when my partner wanted to resign an account that was ready to flood us with new business. I wasn't the one in charge of the relationship, and my partner was hearing that customer demand many changes to the terms of business. The customer was quickly becoming unmanageable. We can't control... Continue reading
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