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Theresa Quintanilla
Houston, TX
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Interests: CRM, customer relationship management, marketing, loyalty, innovation, business books, houston's image, blogging, new york, marketing trends
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Observation: Some analysts expect the new Hyatt loyalty program to do very well. Living in a city where the Hyatt restaurants are major venues for local business meetings, I can see how this might work. Nasdaq: Why Hyatt Introduced Its New Loyalty Program?, 2016-Nov-30 by Trefis Team The new loyalty... Continue reading
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Observation: GameStop evolves WITH its core customer, integrating gaming and loyalty mechanics. Loyalty360: GameStop Positively Evolves Brand Loyalty, 2016-Nov-30 by Jim Tierney ...[CEO] Raines said the foundation for all the [GameStop] company’s businesses is its PowerUp Rewards program. “At roughly 50 million members worldwide, the CRM program brings us many... Continue reading
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Back in 1996, no one was talking about the topics that interested me. At least, no one who I knew personally. Going out on the internet, I could find people covering the topics... customer community, data integrity, thoughtful consumption. And I could engage with those people--sometimes. But no one wanted to WORK with me. Over the following ten years I occasionally worked on building a community. FastHouston, Creative Houston, CUCSTX. Nothing cohered. A few people would gather, and when pressure came, they fell apart again. I love to work on ideas. On making them concrete. Most people want their reality... Continue reading
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We try to follow the hometown companies carefully, trying to be loyal to our own compatriots. Being, with Stage Stores, in Houston, a big old metropolis, we had to hear about the Stage loyalty program from a small-town newspaper in Jackson County, Ohio. In case you don't know, Stage Stores... Continue reading
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I love Twitter. Maybe it's my little echo chamber... no trolls there! If you are fighting for minority rights... follow me... I'll follow back. Let's make trolls the minority on Twitter. @QViews Continue reading
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Salesforce is a tremendous tool for enabling loyalty among our customers. The only challenge is figuring how to use the overwhelming amount of data and activities it provides. (We can help you with that.) Being a part of the Salesforce user base inspires loyalty in many different ways. When I... Continue reading
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When I travel, I don't look for luxury. I'll pay extra for a unique experience, but I'll also settle for clean and efficient, so I can get out and experience my destination. Wyndham Hotels, with its high percentage of budget and moderately-priced offerings, is looking to appeal to mainstream travelers... Continue reading
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What can we do for our customers they can't find someplace else? Maybe it's just the way we do it that makes the difference. NY Times: The Neighborhood Bookstore’s Unlikely Ally? The Internet, 2016-Oct-5 by Amy Haimerl [Independent book store] owners like Mr. Makin are finding ways to gain customer... Continue reading
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In the years I've been reading Michael Katz's newsletters on newsletters, I've laughed and learned a great deal. His chatty style is always leading to a easy-to-remember point. I certainly feel that I know him well. When we write in concrete, relatable details, then we create a connection. Blue Penguin Development: Do Your Prospects Trust You? Try This, 2016-Sep-23 by Michael Katz The best advice I could ever give you about writing in a more authentic way is simply this: Write to readers as if you already know them well. When you include specific references to recent events, they’ll feel... Continue reading
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Have you seen a program on CBS called Game Changers? We see the tail end of it every Sunday morning before our favorite news program. We noticed its sponsorship by EA Sports and suspected it was a promotion for electronic games. Then we realized the show is about pro athletes... Continue reading
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Over the years, I've spent a lot of time arguing with clients about the tone of voice in their communications, and in the end, I decided not to pursue work as a copywriter. I'm not a playful writer but I'm committed to being accessible, using down-to-earth and conversational language. Clients seem to think I was devaluing their products and services by not being serious enough. And I just hated writing boring, pompous stuff. Now the Nielsen Norman Group has produced some research over the tone of voice used on web sites, finding that casual, conversational tones performed best most of... Continue reading
Posted Sep 5, 2016 at QViews
One of the most effective ways to build long-term relationships with our customers is to help them become more powerful, successful and fulfilled. You can learn more about this concept from Michael Schrage. Rosetta Stone narrows in on their customers' desire to become multilingual. And they don't just sell a... Continue reading
Posted Sep 4, 2016 at Steady CRM
Technology allows us to stay in touch with people and even automates those touches, but technology cannot build a relationship. It builds awareness and educates. To practice CRM, you actually have to maintain a relationship with a customer by interacting with them IRL (in real life). Bisnow: Why You Still... Continue reading
Posted Aug 31, 2016 at Steady CRM
Committed to staying on the leading edge of customer service, JetBlue has created a technology incubator in Silicon Valley to encourage new solutions to travel challenges. Mozio helps travelers get transportation to and from the airport. Loyalty 360:Technology meets humanity for JetBlue and JetBlue Technology Ventures to improve customer experience,... Continue reading
Posted Aug 23, 2016 at Steady CRM
Feeling stalled is a dangerous perspective. We have to see the possibilities and not the obstacles. Or see the obstacles as possibilities. Seth's Blog: Effort, 2016-Jul-12 by Seth Godin Usually, what we do is, "try our best under the circumstances." So, you're getting good service, but if the CEO's daughter was here, you can bet she'd be getting better service. So, you're running hard as you train, but you can bet that if you were approaching the finish line at the Olympics, you'd be running harder. The trick: don't redefine trying. Redefine the circumstances. Continue reading
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I encountered spin cycling in the later 90's, and quickly realized the quality of the instructor was crucial to a good workout. Maybe that's true for most instructor-led exercise classes, but spin cycling lost all its fun when the instructor had poor music, tempo and coaching skills. And that was... Continue reading
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We are hearing more and more reasons to develop our storytelling skills. This article includes quite a few helpful tips. Wall Street Journal: Why Good Storytellers Are Happier in Life and in Love, 2016-July-4 by Elizabeth Bernstein Tell stories of the past, present and future. Highlighting great memories or successes that you had together in the past helps you reconnect. Narrating recent events that have happened to you, or telling a story about a challenge you are facing, helps illuminate what matters to you. Weaving a story of a future event as you’d like it to happen—a vacation, a child’s... Continue reading
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I recently volunteered to help a sales manager develop a customer journey map for her company. When she left I began sharing it with the CEO, but the CEO was turned off by it. The process seemed completely unnecessary to her (the CEO). The CEO and founder does want to... Continue reading
Posted Aug 5, 2016 at Steady CRM
Imagine using your loyalty rewards to order a nice cooler. Maybe it will be cheaper because it comes with the logo of your favorite water brand. Now imagine carrying your cooler past a convenience store and that cooler reminding you to buy the branded water. Now imagine it sending a... Continue reading
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We can enjoy a terrific interview with Chris Voss published by Talks at Google. Chris is the reigning educator on negotiating skills, and his book is Never Split the Difference. Yes is a commitment, no is protection (not a problem, just a good beginning) Make your counterpart (not adversary!) feel safe, and they grow more creative Hesitate and let your counterpart think Don't ask for a 'few minutes to talk,' instead say... 'is now a bad time to talk'? Summarize the other person's point of view, even if it's not in your favor. Get them to say 'That's right' because... Continue reading
Posted Aug 3, 2016 at QViews
The same communication tools which support our health can be used to encourage overspending and dependency. We have to be careful with our loyalty. Luxury brands won't solve our status challenges, and expensive drugs can't solve our health problems by themselves. We have to integrate a healthy, skeptical search for... Continue reading
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Seth Godin is very good at reminding people to keep going even though they are not yet seeing results. (I highly recommend The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick). Recently he reminded us that we can't reason our way into cultural change. No matter how good the reasoning, we have to expect slow change based on our commitment. If we trust our reasons we have to trust that time is on our side. We have to be role models and cheerleaders and analysts, and we have to figure out how to sustain... Continue reading
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Not many of us think about hanging out in a hotel in our hometown. Often the food is just okay, and the decor very corporate. Hyatt, Westin and Marriott have recently instituted programs and rewards to attract local residents. Travelers are reassured by seeing locals, and their experience becomes more... Continue reading
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What I love about Daniel Kahneman is that he's opened our eyes to the fact that just because behavior is irrational, doesn't mean we can't understand it. We CAN understand and control irrational behavior, and we don't have to control all of it... Just the part that's doing us harm. I recently discovered the writings of Chris Dillow, who's applying the principles to politics. What a relief. Stumbling and Mumbling: Cognitive biases, ideology & control, 2016-July-3 by Chris Dillow If people are subject to cognitive biases when they have big incentives to be right – when they are investing their... Continue reading
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We want to provide the very best solutions for our customers. So we study the competition carefully, committed to staying on top of the latest trends. We study the research, hoping to be the first to unearth an important new insight. Unfortunately, those honorable activities often cause us to disconnect... Continue reading
Posted Jul 26, 2016 at Steady CRM