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Theresa Watson
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As a parent who doesn't do a lot of gaming, I don't frequent gaming sites to look for reviews. It is hard to put your trust in someone when buying games that aren't for yourself and need parental guidance. OK, I admit I like to play angry birds, SIMS, Star Wars Legos-fun-and other shallow games like that. But I am not much of a "first person shooter" type gamer. Much like many others here, I rely upon word of mouth. However, my H.S. sophomore son likes gaming, therefore I need to monitor the types of games he plays (don't judge me, peeps) because I have a second grader who is very curious about wanting to learn how to play those games. He wanted Black Ops and I didn't know if I was ready let him buy it. So, I let my fingers do the walking and gathered as much research as I could. It was difficult work because i did have to rely on unknown people who, may or may not, had a financial interest in a good review. Ultimately, it was up to me to piece all the info together and make an educated decision (he loved the game until thieves broke in and stole it and the console). I prefer the sites that are from "one parent to another" and who won't use a lot of gaming terminology (much like many of you here- wink...)
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Apr 20, 2011