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Fair enough. I'd check out T-Bolts though. It has 100% more Man-Thing than any other comic being printed right now!
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I *highly* recommend Thunderbolts. It's the best Marvel book these days, in my opinion. Classic superhero team stuff reminiscent of the 70s and 80s, but with all kinds of modern sensibilities and the usual Thunderbolts twist (ie, they're all bad guys striving for redemption or at least planning intricate double-crosses). I also noticed you didn't mention Dan Slott's Amazing Spider-Man, which is has a similar "classic but modern" vibe and has
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But are you a Robot Viking? Last week I was pondering writing an article with a similar theme to your keynote. I was going to call it, "Why It's OK if Your Career Involves Making Games and Not Curing Cancer."
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Mar 26, 2010