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Work Ethic, as mentioned by others, is the ONLY requirement for remotely working, regardless of field. The people with the highest work ethic, in general anyway, are the same people who absolutely love their jobs. Most coders that I know love to code, regardless of their talent level so most coders are fine working remotely. I've worked with all levels of programmers, from true coding genius' (which are very rare IMO) to expert programmers to moderate and casual and novice programmers and the only thing that makes any of them work well remotely is a strong work ethic. Programming isn't about talent, its about understanding of logic and structure. What a novice doesn't know he can easily learn provided his understanding of HOW things work is there. JMO. Newbies are just fine to work with and in fact, can be a benefit as every app, web or software based, has parts that are easy yet tedious that more experienced programmer's can't be bothered with yet newbies can do while letting the experienced programmer's work out some of the more difficult tasks.
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2010 on On Working Remotely at Coding Horror
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Jul 22, 2010