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Not so sure how well hellbanning would work in an online forum, but I've always thought it would be a particularly effective in online gaming; For example, make Xbox Live trolls end up always matched with outher trolls, a "Kiddie Pool" of sorts. As for message boards, there's one particular problem I've seen with a lot of forums that would seem to be completely immune to this type of moderation: Snobbery. For example, I used to semi-regularly visit a particular popular food and cooking board, and in general, I found it to be highly moderated, but at the same time there was very little of what could be identified as trolling taking place on the board, and what little did make it there generally got taken care of quickly. At the same time, the amount of snobbery going on this board is so ridiculous as to make the board completely and totally useless. Looking for some feedback on a recipe? Get ready to be told that you're eating pig slop, and that you should really be making (recipe that contains all sorts of ingredients costing twice as much and takes twice as long.) Looking for a restaurant in your neighborhood? You'll be told that everywhere but (some place 20 miles away costing twice as much) is the only place you should be going. And don't you dare admit to liking any chain restaurants or any leading national brand products or you'll be denounced about twenty-seven different ways, none of which actually infringe the rules of the board, but basically make the place unwelcoming to anyone outside of the hippie-organic-megabuck clique that "runs" the place.
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Jun 12, 2011