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CNN isn't real news anymore. It tries every gimmick it can find, with as many touch screens as an Apple Store and holograms and Twitter integration and taking questions off Facebook and all rather than analysis. Since it refusbes to become partisan to get viewers (which makes it much better than Fox and MSNBC) but is afraid to upset anyone so it doesn't do any more investigative journalism (which Fox and MSNBC love as long as it supports their axe to grind). Anderson Cooper sternly looking at the audience is a start but he won't get on the phone and confront people like Sorkin wants NewsNight too. Here's why CNN isn't Sorkin's NewsNight: Their best idea for a hard-hitting interview is to catch them while groggy? The key is to create catchy titles for types of stories rather than investigating interesting stories. They don't fact check anything their guests say, they just let them shout at each other and sit by, then call it nonpartisan rather than acknowledging false equivalency.
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2012 on How CNN ruins HBO's 'Newsroom' at On The Air
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Jun 24, 2012