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Rob Thiemann
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Wil, I suffer from adult onset allergies. I used to just think I got really bad colds in the early spring, then as time went on, they got worse, and I figured out it was allergies. I tried every allergy medicine. Sometimes the allergies would escalate to a proper sinus infection. I hate the feeling of disconnectedness I get from allergy meds, and couldn't find any other way of dealing with it other than holing up in my bedroom and channeling Bubble Boy. Anyway, I kept reading about Neti Pots and their magical abilities. (Magic, I tell you. Magic!) A friend of mine started using one few years before I did and he raved about it. I eventually broke down a few years ago when my schedule dictated that I couldn't be laid out with allergies for 1.5 months. (we were moving the office from one place to another.) So, in desperation, I bought one and started using it. It actually worked. OK, it didn't eliminate the allergies completely. It lessened them to the point where I was functional over the course of the day with only a case of mild sniffles. That I could deal with. Sadly, you're already in the throes of allergies, and it's not recommended to start using a neti pot when your allergies are already in full swing, but it's worth considering in the future.
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Jul 8, 2011