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NOOOOOOO!!! This is going to be my first con and I was super excited that you were going to be there. But big congrats on super exciting thing. :) There's always next year right? Also, I'm currently reading Ready Player One, and I can almost hear your voice in mt head narrating it. :) I would totally vote for you to be VP of OASIS.
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Fantastic! You are a totally awesome guy. Also, it's totally weird having two bloggers that I totally love but in very different spheres interact. Like when you find out that your best friend from elementary school is dating your college roommate.
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Thanks for sharing this experience Wil. I really love these kinds of posts. You definitely don't waste your time in writing and posting them. Also, I know what you mean about jackpot dogs. I definitely hit the jackpot when I found a white dog wandering in my neighborhood. Lucy is the friendliest most special dog I have ever known, and I still can't believe that anyone would have abandoned her. People suck, but at least other people (like those who run no kill shelters and adopt rescue dogs) are awesome. If Seamus is ever in Brooklyn, I bet he and Lucy would get along great.
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Mark me down as another customer for any audio anything that you produce. I listen to your podcasts as I ride the subway to work (just moved to NYC last fall) and I don't even care when other riders look at me all weird when I laugh. Also, you mentioned on Radio Free Burrito that you weren't sure about producing fiction to put up for sale. I will definitely buy an inexpensive book of short stories or other fiction. Wil, I just want to let you know that I think it's really cool what you do. Interacting with your fans like this is awesome. It makes me feel like I (and a whole slew of other people) get to act as a patron, supporting the people we like to do the thing that they love and are great at. Whenever I buy something from you (like my awesome "Tea, earl grey. Hot." mug that lives on my desk) it makes me feel really happy in a way that other purchases don't. Not only do I get something that I enjoy, but I get to think, "Hey, I'm helping Wil Wheaton earn a living! I love Wil Wheaton! Awesome!" And that's just cool.
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