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Yup, that's what we get on Oahu. I've seen those speeds since launch day, don't hold your breath for anything better unless they do some upgrades or something. So far the best I've seen is in Mililani.
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2010 on How fast is 4G on your HTC EVO? at Good and EVO
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I also live on Oahu. Have you found the 4G service to be as bad as I have? 3G almost always ends up being faster for me. Sometimes I actually connect to 4G but can't actually get any data through it! Like I said, the 3G works great but I've found 4G to be terrible. I've tried it in Ewa Beach, Honolulu, Pearl City, Kapolei, Mililani... it crawls everywhere.
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2010 on HTC EVO 4G sightings at Good and EVO
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This is my statistically insignificant contribution to the diminishment of everyone's odds of winning. Great show, Wil. One small suggestion though, the gain was really low on the interview portion (I had to max out my volume on the stereo to hear it). I'm betting you're probably not up for re-mastering it, but maybe something to check if you do another off-site interview. Oh, I almost forgot, I enjoy your performances on The Guild and on The Big Bang Theory... keep up the awesome work!
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Hey Thomas (good name ;-) ), I posted a fixed link below, but you get the credit for identifying and finding the file!
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Here's Wil reading "Why I left Harry's All-Night Hamburgers:"
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Dec 1, 2009