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Thomas Jenkins
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Why in this day and age do we find the word "NEGRO" on the census form describing us as a group of people. I have heard that one of the reasons is to benefit the older crowd of Black people or African Americans. My Mother who's in her 80's refuses to use the term Negro and prefers the term African American. I myself who will be turning 60 this year prefer to use the simple term of Black. I know of no Black person or African American today that prefers to use the term "NEGRO". So, I say this to you, whether you publish this comment or not, unless this word is removed from the 2010 Census as a description of Black people, I will boycott and not participate in the 2010 Census. I urge all other Black Americans to follow your hearts, but to realize how much we have struggled and how far we have come to get to where we are today. This in it self is another set back and another way of disgracing us as a people.
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Jan 7, 2010