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Thank you for posting about it, given that it's something that can feel embarrassing to share. The more people that speak up in outrage about it, the more I realize no, we're not crazy or entitled or whiners. This situation is ridiculous, and we *need* to speak up about it, write Congressmen, bring lawsuits, bring attention to the fact that it is. not. okay.
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Just catching up on my Reader feed, and in my as-yet-to-be-properly-caffeinated brain, I thought you said you put a couple *dozen* frozen waffles in the toaster. I blinked at it a few times, thinking, "Christ, that's a lot of waffles." Brain no workie before coffee. It's awesome you're back at work for Eureka! Congrats. :)
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Just ordered a copy! I look forward to reading it; I love short stories, and have been working on a collection of my own. Fiction work is almost closer to the heart despite the nature of being made-up. It's completely a child of your thoughts and imagination, with no memory frame to draw upon. It takes a lot of courage to put your fiction out there, but if you enjoyed writing it, it's a given someone will enjoy reading it. :)
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I love reading blogs entries from writers I enjoy, no matter what the subject. But my favorite entries tend to be those where they actually write, unfettered by having to pass on important information or relate an important persuasive argument, about anything that strikes their inspiration. When I add a writer to my list of favorites, it's because I enjoy their Voice. The Voice is the way they relate the world to me through the medium of words, and it's the view of the world that I enjoy. It's certainly why I write; to convey what the world (any world) is to me, and the part I find most fascinating is how readers take that view and Voice and interpret it within their own paradigm. I can relate to your quiet, peaceful, dog-walking morning. Thanks for sharing your view of it!
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Jun 4, 2010