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It took me two years to get over 'sharpness' as a yard-stick for 'good'. My most used lens professionally is that dark horse Tamron 90mm macro. When I told the shop assistant I would use it for Beauty photography he balked and said it would be too sharp. I discovered then that sometimes people use the term to describe boudoir or glamour photography rather than the type of hair and cosmetics advertising that I do. Anyway, it is in fact "too sharp" for some uses. I tend to grab my Minolta 50mm when agencies send me new girls to photograph (I call it a test roll can you believe) because while sharp where it needs to be, it does not have the harsh detail rendition of the Tamron, and I don't budget photoshop time for a test roll. But it does annoy me that online reviews of lenses mostly ignore sharpness and other factors when stopped down. I often need to shoot f11-22. It's also a sad fact using an A850 that lens reviews made on the Sony's are few and far between.
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Jul 15, 2013