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Ronnie Thomas
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let's not forget bocanegra has played leftback probably just as he has center back over his career, so we could just as easily deploy him there and put any combination of goodson or edu at the other center back spot! I agree we we should definately put FJ on the left wing and let him work, he has been very productive out there in the past for us! But please, no sasha or danny willliams on the wings!
im curious to know why people(americans) seem to believe clint couldnt start or play regularly for a top champions league side.....clint is a top player and has been for sometime now and quite frankly i think he could walk into alot of these so called super teams n europe and be very productive for them to boot! Show some faith homies and don't say your being realistic when your only being eurosnobs at best!
clearly you dont know as mush as you think you know about black people and why it is beyond offensive to be called a negro by anyone because of what our race went through during times of enslavement and beyond. Your beng naive if you think the FA didn't have enough evidence/probable cause to suspend suarez for the amout of time that it did. Multiple sources put out the script of what was said between the 2 players on the pitch and i refuse to believe that everyone is wrong in what was precieved to have happened. As it was said, uruguyans may use the term frequently to refer to blacks in their country but when you're living or playing abroad, one has to curtail his what is custom to him to the laws and customs of his new environment, which brings me back to why some black people call each the n-word. we know our history with the n-word by those who oppressed us but for whatever reason it may seem customary or accepted in inner city and urban environments for blacks to refer to other other blacks as such without there being any ill will meant by it. Not all black people use the term obviously, but its just one of those things. However, to let anyone outside of the black community to refer to someone black as a negro or n$$$er is unacceptable and offensive. Suarez knew he was inciting Evra when he coined the phrase, "porque tu eres negro"! I'm surprised evra wanted to even shake that racists' hand but i have no problem with his celebratory antics after the match.
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Feb 11, 2012