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The great thing about this debate is that Serena is still healthy and playing. Even if she plays 3 or 4 more years...max 16 slams...I betcha she can win at least 6 more! Great Serena...forget those small tourneys. She and Venus shouldn't hurt themselves for a country who really don't support them like other countries support their players. I think the US Open is so disgusting for rooting for out-of-country opponents when they play the WS. I am glad they are not playing to win the heart of spoiled American brats. They are playing for their greatness!
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Well, I stopped listening to Steve's analysis on a lot of things because he has been so off the mark to try to get a competitive writing edge on his far superior colleagues such as Bodo. I disagree with this analysis and werthiem was correct about Serena for the simple fact that the competition was no where as near as competitive when Graf, Navrat, Evert were around. Graf starting to lose when Seles came on board is a projection of how many slams she wouldn't have won if Graf's countrymen wouldn't have stabbed Seles. Today anyone being able to win a slam or gun down the big guns on the WTA tour is a testament to how hard the women are working and Serena has been able to hold most of them off because she has developed shots that are hard for the already tough field to compete with. Serena cannot be linked as the greatest of all time now but she definitely has done more for tennis than win tourneys like boring Graf did. She has personality, star power, and the needed advantage to make women's tennis the most interesting women's sport on the planet and that in itself makes her the GOAT...
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Jul 15, 2010