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This seems to be a popular notion, but a misplaced one, I think. When I ask people who ask for a D700 update about what bringing it up to state of the art (SOTA) would mean, I start to get lists of things that, well, essentially mean it isn't a D700 any more. Technically, Nikon made the mistake of not making a D700s (D3s sensor plus menu upgrades that accompanied that). But the D3s sensor also provided video and new Live View functionality, which the die-hard D700 crowd seems to NOT want. So essentially you're asking a company to do less than they could, and to not preserve functionality across the line. Moreover, some of the "make another D700" crowd is really reacting to the number 36. 12 was good enough for them, and they are stuck on the notion that 36mp will kill their computer in some way. But computers, like cameras, move on in terms of their abilities, too. SOTA computers handle 36mp just fine. May I suggest that those that like the D700 just buy one? It's a fine camera still. I once wrote that if I were forced to only have one DSLR, it would be the D700. Today, I'd write the same thing about the D800E. All that said, before the D600 and D800 appeared I strongly suggested that Nikon should fork the D700 to a D700s and D700x lineup (lower pixel count, high performance and high pixel count, lower performance). What I believe is most true of the D700 upgrade discontent is that Nikon first went one direction (big pro body, smaller prosumer body, but essentially equal in capability) with FX, then shifted to a consumer, prosumer, pro lineup that makes very little sense to anyone and produces products that aren't fully rationalized. 16mp pro, 24mp consumer, 36mp prosumer really doesn't sound right, does it?
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2013 on Nikon D700II at The Online Photographer
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Sep 3, 2013