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Rasmussen polls are historically the most accurate of all the major polling companies. You can't believe all of them since they are usually affiliated with a network that leans heavily in Dems' favor. You have to go by history of accuracy before and after elections. Rasmussen has that history. They use most-likely voters in their polling, which is realistic since many of those polled by the other companies include all registered voters as their sample. Most likely voters weed out a percentage of those who are not likely to actually vote on election day, including mostly younger voters which skew Democrat polling. Also, if a state was a close win for Obama against McCain, you can bet your booty that many of those fence sitters in 2008 will switch to Romney this time, making those previously close states a win for the GOP. Trust me, Obama doesn't want the polls to be close in battleground states on Nov. 6th. Also keep in mind that the debates have not hit yet. Debates, regardless of who is in office, almost ALWAYS favor the challenger rather than the incumbent. Incumbents have the most to prove during a debate. And Obama will have a LOT of numbers thrown at him. Mark my words here...his answers in the debates will decide the election outcome.
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Sep 15, 2012