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Scott thanks for the note, it's a thankless job. The Farmer needs a vacation and brix are only at 17. Cheers!
Kerry we'll keep doing what we do until you and Tom make a Napa Carneros Chardonnay! Thanks for supporting small family businesses in Napa.
I like the badge concept in theory. Where I get thrown off is the free-for-all component, with no oversight from one governing body. Two good examples of such concepts gone awry: 1. The unrest email marketing campaign managers are experiencing in 2010 - with no set standards across the various platforms end users are unable to view messaging in a standard, digestible, and predictable way across the various platforms and variables: Mac/PC, desktop/laptop/mobile, iPhone/Blackberry IE/Firefox, Gmail/Yahoo!/Outlook (the list goes on...) 2. San Francisco Public Transportation. Just what is the difference between MUNI, BART, CALTRAIN, SFMTA? You mean when I look on a route map to get from Point A to Point B and I transfer lines my fare pass doesn't work for the underground MUNI Train and then the underground BART train one track over in the same tunnel. There's a difference between the above ground trolley and above ground cable car? They both run on the same tracks and both look antique to me! Where the badges have their place is in the repeat visitor realm, setting a baseline for those who visit the particular blog as a trusted source for wine rankings and readers a designated and more relatable system from which to take advice, go down to their local wine shop and buy according to the badge awarded by their trusted blogger source. As long as the badges are clearly defined, I think the badges translate well visually to readers and capture more mindshare than a boring number. I find it interesting and entertaining that male bloggers are instituting badges first, you guys are getting awfully cutsie over there. The's Great Male Survey 2010 showed that men are the smallest percentage of Foursquare users siting "I don't get it" as the number one reason why they aren't users. Apparently all you guys didn't take the survey!
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Jul 9, 2010