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Craig Thrall
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There are three different problems with very different error rates: recognizing anybody's structured speech, recognizing one person's unstructured speech, and recognizing anybody's unstructured speech. If you can define a structure around your interactions with the recognizer (, you can cut out the list of possible matches, and really increase the confidence measure of the transcription. We're using this approach here: This works today, and works well. We've done demos on a speakerphone at a noisy tradeshow booth with very few issues. You are exactly right that recognizing anybody's *unstructured* speech is a very hard problem to solve. That's why commercial services still use people to do transcriptions if the confidence measure is below a certain threshold. Over time, these services learn the voice of the people that call you frequently. I don't think Google uses human transcribers, which is why GVoice transcriptions are hilarious.
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Jun 21, 2010