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Tib Xero
South Florida
The World Needs My Kind of Crazy
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HOLY CRAP! I just realized something...Serenity lost it's pilot, and Wil has experience as a Helmsman. Matter of fact Joe DiMaggio has experience in space travel as well Felicia Day can join the cast just 'cause she's Felicia Day. But back to my original point. STARTING TODAY We will start a campaign to get Wil Wheaton on Firefly as the new pilot! This accomplishes 2 goals: Firefly goes back on the air and Wil gets to fly another ship where people will actually appreciate him for once. GET JOSS ON THE MOTHERF&#ING PHONE!!!!!!
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Does anyone else want to see the Wil Wheaton/Nathan Fillion/Felicia Day Action/Thriller/Comedy/Drama/Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Does it really matter? movie, with a cameo by Joe Dimaggio (and possibly Ryan as "Le Photobombé"). No seriously why isn't this on Kickstarter? THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN!!! GET JOSS ON THE PHONE!!!!! In the meantime, Wil, Stay Awesome!
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BUT WHO IS FLYING THE SHIP!?!?!? I'm curious if you're not just a little offended you're not even mentioned? I'm not saying Wesley has to be a "participant" but c'mon, he was a pretty integral part of the bridge crew....depending on which season you're watching. It's all about staying true to the source material people, even in porn........ESPECIALLY in Porn!
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2011 on Your move, Fan Fiction Writers at WWdN: In Exile
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I wouldn't say we're anti-social, but we don't exactly "fit the mold" either. I see this as a good thing, as most gamers grow up to be far more interesting people than the "norms." Never the less, I think the stigma of being labeled "Anti-social" comes from 2 places. 1.) We weren't doing the social things EVERYONE ELSE was doing, and 2.) there was a time where it was hard to find our brethren with which we could BE social with. Technology and especially the Internet have made gaming more popular than ever and there are LAN Centers, Card Shops, and on our worst day we could hop on an MMO or X-Box Live and find fellow gamers....well maybe they're not always the kind of gamers we wanna hang out with, but you get the idea. Still, D&D has introduced me to some of the most creative and the most fun people I've ever met. It gives me a chance to "act" again, a hobby I let my career push to the wayside, and it fills a void in my otherwise boring 9-5 life. I absolutely know where you're coming from Wil, I've met countless people through the various people I have gamed with. I've introduced people into our group who went on to form their own social circles. I've seen relationships develop and bloom.....and then subsequently screw the party, but even though their relationship blinded them to the fact that there was a #$@*ING DRAGON in front of us and they forgot to cast the necessary buffs we needed to survive the encounter, causing us to lose an entire party of level 20 characters we had been leveling for a GODDAMN can call them a lot of things (we did...on end) but you can't call them antisocial.
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Jan 26, 2011