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In my opinion ternary plot would be perfect. Yes, it allows only three parties, but there are only three parties in this situation! And it is impossible to move votes between parties with more that three parties whatever plot is used. Moreover, with the pie control I was not able to move all 10% of the votes to a party to another party, that is, to make a party rate +10%, another party rate -10% and the third one unchanged. I think it is not possible with the current control settings. Am I wrong?
Toggle Commented May 28, 2010 on Election spinner at Junk Charts
we need to know the "negative predictive value", that is, the chance that one does not have breast cancer given that one has a negative mammogram. The NPV is 0.11%. That is to say, for those testing negative, they can be almost sure that they don't have cancer. Sure that this is not a mistake? Maybe NPV is 100%-0.11%?
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May 19, 2010