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It's always good news when people are trying to help the less favored. Nice job by the Mamba. I have to give the props to the Heat & Mavs but it feels really awkward to see the NBA finals without great post playing. All the positions on the floor are important but it must be me after watching some Shaq old videos. This is the way the league is going and so I have to agree with some here that want to trade a big for a pg. At least the Finals have been producing 4th quarter tight games. And in the last game D Wade responded well. I hope this go to game 7 and really I don't mind who wins it. For Dallas this must be their last chance to win, but for Miami it is also important.
@LakerTom: I've been reading your last post and I agree with some of it. First I think Gasol is a good player but had a terrible Playoffs. The problem right now is can we predict if he can return to his older self? And if we can trade him for players that fit in this team? I agree with the fact that the backcourt must be improved no matter what. Today I watched some videos from older Laker teams: in 1972 they were considered a old team but they ran the floor and scored a lot on fastbreak. And there was only one big (Wilt) that made outlet passes that speed the game up. In the showtime in 1986 Pat Riley shifted the focus of offense from Kareeem to Magic. This after being defeated by Houston and with many wondering if the team could still win a title. So I think if Mike Brown mades Bynum the main offensive focus, it can benefit Kobe and let him be a playmaker and a better on defense. Many doubt Bynum, but I think it would be a great test of character - this test would make him stronger.
Shaq was one of the greatest to play the game. And we as Lakers fans should be thankful for his playing time in LA. But obviously he had some bad attitudes toward Jerry Buss and Kobe Bryant. But after all he deserves his jersey to be retired.
@William C Harrison: I agree with you about Wilt. And even though Wilt was crucial on the 1st title in LA. I still think the center that gave more to the Lakers was Kareem, helping in 5 titles and defeating the Celtics. All were deserving of great affection by us. But Kareem was the greatest contributor to this organization. All were dominant in their respective era. This also confirms the great tradition of dominant centers on the Lakers. Because of that I always expect Bynum to break loose and become a consistent dominant center.
Guess what game is on NBA TV (international)? GM 7 Finals last year. After being down by 13... watching this one year after. What I can say is that: faults of this year were already there. The difference was that the team showed a lot of heart in GM7 and prevailed. About Mike Brown I have a good feeling and with hungrier players I think we can compete for the title.
Great article. I agree with Kareem. We have to give props to Lebron the way he is playing, but to compare him to mj or Wilt is just a nonsense. We just have to wait more time and then reflect. Wilt was the greatest to ever play the game. It's a loss that there aren't much video archives because from what I've seen he seemed like the real goliath.
This just shows us the power of the Lakers brand. We are going into the NBA finals and all the buzz is about who is the next Lakers's coach. We can discuss it but we can't influence it. The team is ruled by its owners, we just hope that they take the best path. I understand the decision to move away from Phil Jackson's path. He couldn't sell the triangle (which I like but I feel that lately wasn't executed properly by this team). About Brian Shaw. I respect him a lot from his playing days and also did some good job as assistant. But I also think he had some bad moments, I think he alienated the young players like Farmar & Vujacic. About Mike Brown. I think of him as hard work, defense, team play and simple. I have a good feeling about this hire but only time will tell. Above all I expect a hungry team with good effort. I think the offense will come as natural because we have such fire power.
This really is a mixed feeling. I became a Laker fan almost instantly since I started watching the NBA. And I'm always supportive of the team. I have my opinions of what's wrong with the team but in the end it's the team I like. For me worse than losing it's not be able to watch a Heat-Lakers match up in the finals. Even if we would lose eventually I wouldn't mind, because what I miss most is the team competing. That's why I always prefer good effort rather than pure talent. After the Lakers were eliminated it was tough to accept that, but after digesting it all, the hate toward the other teams vanished. And right know I'm trying to enjoy the rest of the playoffs, 2 weeks ago this would never pass through my mind. Now about LeBron in 2007 I supported him and rooted for him and his team through the playoffs because our team was not that good. I was a little disappointed in the finals with him playing below his potential. Nonetheless I still think Kobe is a better player (with some faults and with his mileage). Right now it is obvious LeBron has more help but I must give him props to him, because he did it. He built a team in 1 year, with some faults but still a great team. I still think if the Lakers played their best they would eventually beat the Heat, but the if's don't count for nothing. So congratulations to the Heat & LeBron. I hope the Lakers learn a lesson and next year can compete with this team.
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May 25, 2011