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Pentagon does make sense. My gripe with my own Ivy League school is twofold. They didn't take my son even though he was a straight A student at one of Chicago's most selective high schools and got two perfect 800's on his SAT's and several high 700's. His lowest was 700 on math, which doesn't interest him. I felt insulted especially since I'd given well over $30,000 over the years. It could be that he simply did not fit their mold. Or his rejection leads me to gripe number two. He could have been rejected because I have been an outspoken critic of my alma mater's politically correct faculty appointments and general direction. Another possible reason is that my son is not a joiner, he is an artistic type who likes to read and write and play music on his guitar. He is not a "leader.' He has some wonderful friends, but, still, he's an introvert. I think a lot of top schools are missing out when they go overboard for 'leaders' - think of the great composers, professors, scientists, engineers, writers and artists, many of whom were and still are natural introverts. I suspect that being a white male and a Jewish male at that did not help him. Two fine kids from his school with lower scores did get in. They were neither white nor Jewish. nor legacies. They took several hundred foreign students and God only knows how they will do. They also took over 200 legacies. They couldn't all be varsity stars, and certainly their academic scores couldn't have easily topped my son's. He's doing great at a school some rank higher than several Ivies - making fine friends, on the dean's list and a finalist for the frosh writing prize. But, still, I'm the one still hurt, because I love my school.
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Political economists describe the process whereby government officials end up being the servants rather than the masters of the firms they are regulating as the “capture” by the industry of their regulators. When regulators are captured, much of what they do is motivated, consciously or not, by a desire to... Continue reading
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