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Decent rule, but the reasons reuse is hard are a little more nuanced: Most people are not taught to code or think in terms of reusable chunks of logic, and attempt to reuse things which are too big and too fraught with assumptions about what they are for. That code that diffs casserole recipes? Not gonna reuse that, sorry. That code that generically diffs two lists? You bet you're gonna reuse that. You can code so that a normal product of working is to end up with genuinely reusable things - but it requires a change in thinking, to be more along the lines of "how do I make this a thing that does exactly one thing well" and "how do I isolate purpose-specific customizations to a single abstraction". As far as I know nobody teaches how to do this. That being said, someone I know from school got a lot of jobs by showing up and saying "I'm here for my interview" and getting one (for a job he was utterly unqualified for) because the hiring people were embarrassed that they lost track of his non-existent interview. He was very proud of all the jobs he'd gotten and lost this way.
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2013 on The Rule of Three at Coding Horror
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Aug 23, 2013