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This is great that Bondi is going after the timeshare scammers that have plagued the state of Florida. While the word is getting out about timeshare scams and fraudulent resale companies are getting busted, lots of timeshare owners are still believing the people on the phone who say, "I have a buyer for you. Just send money for the closing cost". Anything to help prevent those types of calls will be beneficial to society! Also, lets not forget about where the original scam took place, during the timeshare presentation. You know, when the unsuspecting vacationer believes everything the resort sales staff says, even though the resort was misleading and/or misrepresenting the truth about timeshares. You can read more about both types of timeshare scams at our site: Having legislation against bad resorts and bad resale companies will be a step in the right direction!
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Oct 4, 2011