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Pythons present a low risk to visitors to the Florida Everglades, according to officials, but you'd probably still want to steer clear of this mammoth Burmese python recently captured by University of Florida researchers. Caught along a popular wildlife-watching trail in Everglades National Park, the snake was a female measuring... Continue reading
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Royal Dutch Shell (RDSB) will slash 6,500 jobs in 2015 as part of a cost cutting drive. via Continue reading
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Today in natural resource damage assessment: A shipping company will pay Hawaii more than $15 million to settle a spill that put 233,000 gallons of molasses into Honolulu Harbor in 2013. The $15.4 million settlement -- a combination of cash, restoration and funding of environmental programs -- from Matson Navigation... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Environmental Economics
The world may be getting warmer, but it is not getting much wetter. It quaffed 249 billion litres of alcoholic drinks in 2014, a modest increase of 1 billion over the preceding year. When measured by intake per head of the drinking-age population, consumption is down a little from a... Continue reading
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China's crashing stock market and the meltdown in the metals market may be getting all the attention lately, but crude oil is quietly crumbling once again. Oil has plunged nearly 20% this month alone and it briefly dipped below $47 a barrel on Tuesday. That leaves it flirting with the... Continue reading
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In California, they're counting on it to end a historic drought; in Peru, they've declared a pre-emptive emergency to prepare for devastating flooding. It's an economic stimulus and a recession-maker. And it's likely to increase the price of coffee, chocolate and sugar. It's El Niño — most likely, the largest... Continue reading
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Watch out for a 'Sharkicane.' (I almost went with Sharklone, but being the Atlantic...)
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More intrigue...the press is in on it too. I have no idea of the veracity of the report, just found in interesting. And interesting that The Times and Telegraph are sticking by their reports. ...and you think I trust a blogger's word?
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Hmmmm...doesn't seem to be a tax issue:
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A Cambridge Professor has made the astonishing claim that three scientists investigating the melting of Arctic ice may have been assassinated within the space of a few months. Professor Peter Wadhams said he feared being labelled a “looney” over his suspicion that the deaths of the scientists were more than... Continue reading
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I'm definitely using this one in class when I talk about negative externalities and Coase (Warning: a little NSFW language): Here is the Pinellas County, Florida explanation of the nuisance odor law: Commercial barbecue cookers are not exempt from causing a nuisance odor. If a sufficient number of complaints, representing... Continue reading
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I started to post on this earlier this week than stopped in protest. I looked at the 'research' that Oliver refers to by Humphrey and Coates...not a single mention of your work. So no acknowledgement from me. I got your back.
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Homer Economicus: The Simpsons and Economics In Homer Economicus a cast of lively contributors takes a field trip to Springfield, where the Simpsons reveal that economics is everywhere. By exploring the hometown of television's first family, this book provides readers with the economic tools and insights to guide them at... Continue reading
Posted Jul 15, 2015 at Environmental Economics
Posted Jul 14, 2015 at Environmental Economics
Well, I guess I'm happy that I discovered in about an hour what others took years to discover?
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Rather than read before I go to bed, I have taken to watching Netflix documentaries on the iPad. I thought this would lead to me falling asleep easier from the boredom of watching documentaries, but instead I find myself actually enjoying them leading to less sleep...and more questions. Last night... Continue reading
Posted Jul 13, 2015 at Environmental Economics
'Because electric vehicles, on average, generate greater environmental externalities than gasoline vehicles, the current federal policy has greater deadweight loss than the no-subsidy policy,' the [NBER authors] write. 'It's kind of hard to beat gasoline' for public and environmental health, said co-author Julian Marshall, an engineering professor at the University... Continue reading
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Full of something? Yes. Yourself? No.
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After yesterday's announcement of a tentative settlement between BP and federal and state negotiators, BP has provided details of the payment schedule for the $18.7B settlement. The settlement consists of payments for civil penalties ($5.5B), natural resource damages ($7.33B), and state damages ($4.9B) over 18 years. An additional $1B is... Continue reading
Posted Jul 3, 2015 at Environmental Economics
Once a profitable business for cities and private employers alike, recycling in recent years has become a money-sucking enterprise. The District, Baltimore and many counties in between are contributing millions annually to prop up one of the nation’s busiest facilities here in Elkridge, Md. — but it is still losing... Continue reading
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In the days following a violent rampage in southern California in which a lone attacker killed seven individuals, including himself, and seriously injured over a dozen others, citizens living in the only country where this kind of mass killing routinely occurs reportedly concluded Tuesday that there was no way to... Continue reading
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At least they have ATM, EBT and Money Orders on site so you can withdraw your life savings to pay their ridiculous ransom.
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Official Second Oldest Daughter of Env-Econ is a rising high school senior. Being a bit OCD, she has kept all of her college recruiting materials to date. Today she decided to organize it. Continue reading
Posted Jun 17, 2015 at Environmental Economics
Sharks are scary to many people. New technologies, like drones, allow beach authorities to notify swimmers when sharks are nearby. So when people are told that sharks are near shore, it changes behavior--even though the likelihood of a shark attack has not changed. The only thing that has changed is... Continue reading
Posted Jun 17, 2015 at Environmental Economics
Police are warning for businesses and residents to start locking up their taps. California’s drought has gotten so bad, people are stealing water. Thieves busted the locks on the spigots at a popular Asian shopping center on Barber Lane in Milpitas, just to get their hands on what has become... Continue reading
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