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If there's one area that Apple innovates, that would be marketing hype. Apple cultivates an image of exclusivity that some people find irresistible. Macs are just as hackable as Windows, Macs just aren't ubiquitous enough to warrant hacker attention. The iPhone has features that were added to it after these features have been on other phones: GPS, voice command, cut and paste, maybe finally, multitasking, flash for the camera? Touch is overrated. After 3 years of iPhone overhype, still more Blackberries, mostly with physical keyboards, are sold than iPhones. And here comes Google Android, which has passed iPhone in popularity in the US. Without the veneer of supposed iPhone dominance, Apple's fortunes, which are now largely tired to the iPhone, sinks. Apple cannot innovate itself out of its command, control and close DNA, thus it will always be company that serves its niche- the usual affluent Apple crowd. And nice going, by featuring John Gruber, the well-known Apple Minister of Propaganda, on his potshots to the Microsoft flacks.
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this locked-down, underpowered, overhyped, overpriced iPhone MaxiPad that can't make calls, is the future? yikes
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Got to agree with you on the impact of social media on many industries. Though, this iPad has pretty limited appeal in its capability and form, in contrast to more versatile and robust devices already available- the smartphones, netbooks, tablets, laptops, etc.
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make iTunes social? hmm, Apple isn't known for its socialness, more like for being secretive & controlling. Good luck.
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Posted Nov 21, 2009 at timjones17's blog
the iPhone's actual physical size is larger than the Razr
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