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Both Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush should support Mitt Romney, for the good of the Republican Party and the United States. Gingrich is "evil" personified, and despicable. Why would any American in his (or her) right mind want this man as President of the United States? He is a raving Narcissistic demagogue. I am an Independent; and Independents constitute approximately 35 percent of American voters today, and they swing our elections. I disagree vehemently with Barack Obama with respect to just about every issue, and did not vote for him in the last presidential election, and plan to vote against him this year too. See, e.g., (see also the article itself, as well as the footnotes and all other comments beneath it) However, I would give serious thought to voting for Obama, just to make sure that Gingrich never becomes our president. If the "Neanderthal" Republicans nominate him, they run the risk of being ostracized, boycotted and marginalized nationwide. They would be utter fools to do so!
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Jan 25, 2012