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Tina De Witt
San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California
I'm a student, wife of soulmate, amateur genealogist, adventure seeker, SCAdian, brewer, thrown weapons enthusiast, history buff, music lover, book reader, story writer, dreamer, and follower of justice, honor and truth.
Interests: 7 habits of Highly Effective People, accoustic music, ad&d, appalachian trail, archery, babylon 5, battlestar galactica, benny hill, big band music, black adder, blues, books, brewing, call of cthulhu, camping, celtic, city of heroes, classical music, conventions, cooking, costuming, cthulhu, d&d, dark shadows, disney, disneyland, divination, dogs, dragon*con, dragonlance, dragons, drumming, ecology, fantasy, federation, filk, fitness, flying, food history, gaming, genealogy, geography, geology, greek, guitar, h.p. lovecraft, herbalism, historical re-creation, ibgames, kim harrison, leslie fish, lexx, medieval, medieval food, medieval music, michael moore, middle ages, miskatonic, monavie, monty python, mountains, movies, music, mythology, nanowrimo, national forests, national parks, natural medicine, nature, norse, nutrition, oceans, on-line gaming, opera, orchestra, outdoors, pacific crest trail, pern, photography, piano, pottery, reading, rennaissance, roan mountain, role-playing games, runes, sca, sca norse, sca viking, sci-fi cons, science fiction, sewing, shadowrun, sharon green, smokey mountains, south park, space, star trek, star wars, starfleet, swg, terris, tolkien, travel, tyr, universal studios, valkyrie, vegas, vikings, walt disney world, weightlifting, west wing, wheel of the year, world of warcraft, writing
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