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My husband and I are nomads. As a teen and in my twenties I traveled and lived and worked in different countries. Roots or a sense of belonging weren't so important at that place in time. After I met my husband we left the country after he got his Masters and moved from the Netherlands to Switzerland and from there in every few years to a different country, new culture, new people. We are both introverts and like to be on our own, I think that makes leaving connections back 'home' easier. We loved this way of living, it does however has its downside. I am more bothered by it then my husband. I discovered that I indeed have no roots, I don't feel really at home anywhere. The country I was born in is changed or I am changed so much that I don't belong there anymore and at the same time I feel that I do not belong in my new adopted country, the USA. It's living between 2 countries and cultures. From each country we lived in I took something with me, that just happens when you live somewhere for a couple of years. I can miss a place terribly up to a feeling if homesickness. I miss France, the markets, the food, the way of slower living etc. I would live to go back for a while. Then while we were in Oregon I became so ill that traveling and moving was out of the question. We talked a lot about it and miss the freedom, the nomadic lifestyle. We solved it by buying an RV and now preparing to purge our belongings, rent our home and become full time RVers. Traveling and seeing North America. Home is where you park it. We had some test rounds and that worked out pretty well, not everyone can live in a small space together 24/7. But we don't know any better we always have depended on each other. Sometimes living in a hotel room for months while waiting for visas. Either you break or make your relationship and we made it. I was surprised to find out how big this community of full time nomads actually is, people who travel and work while on the road. It's huge, and not just people who are retired but a lot of twenties and thirties and families homeschooling while on the road. How cool is that as a kid? We can't wait to get on the road again, this time we're taking our home with us
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Yes Please! Would be the highlight of the year ;-)
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OMGosh!!! I can't believe the gorgeousness of it all! What a beautiful kit! Finally some darker colors for us who are not so bright-color-enabled :-) I L.O.V.E it! Can't wait to get my greedy hands on it! Now pondering if I should buy the digital or hardcore version. Digital I think. Thanks SO much Nisa, absolutely stunning work!
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