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What a dweeb
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After calling into your local station :) settle in to enjoy full episodes from Season One on the website. We get each new episode up online pretty quickly after it premieres. Hope that helps!
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I'm still trying to get my lawn converted over TO clover! Happy to say so far it's going very, very nicely.
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Oh, thank you, I needed this laugh tonight! "I put the lipstick on my mouth... not sure if that was clear." I am CRYING.
I do feel pretty lucky. I'm in 7b, so I put mine outside in pots and beds and cross my fingers. So far all but one have come back from winter - the most expensive one died, naturally. If they bloomed indoors for the holidays I don't always get an outdoor bloom the first spring - but I get a nice show later in the summer or the next spring, and then regularly. I've not ever attempted getting another holiday bloom out of them.
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