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I agree with the Wordpress vote. It put me off even more trying to log in using another account (well I'm not going to bother signing up am I?) and it wouldn't accept my facebook. It does offer a lot of other log in options though. Anyway, so I've been using wordpress for a while now. It lets you import from other blogs easily. I've had blogs under livejournal, Blogger, Blogspot, MSN spaces, I have an anonymous tumblr and entries on networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Bebo. Over the last ten years, Wordpress has become my favourite. It's highly versatile and customisable. It has a great spam filter widget thingy which catches most of the crap, although one or two do get through, but not too often. Highly recommended by me.
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You should consider other drinks, such as mead. There is nothing like homemade mead! A google search should come up with lots of instructions and recipes.
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Aug 6, 2011