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Petulant babies - that's all the Unions have turned out to be. To paraphrase their tactics: "Either give us what we want or we'll say really, really bad things about you." Big freaking deal Unions bosses - it's time to put on your big people panties and deal with it! Life's hard and even though you were promised roses by some yahoo you frightened - thorns come with the package.
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This is the 'adult' Democrat party at work people. Sandbox politics, lead by 'Downer' Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Jeebus, when will they grow up?
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“The House of Representatives cuts to hurricane forecasting – that’s like cutting off your nose to cut your face,” Belson said. LMAO - that's about as much stroke Nelson has in the Senate. Hey Billy - it's 'cut your nose off to spite your face'. What a git. The man, even though he blames Republicans for cutting Hurricane funding, forgets that they upped FEMA's budget by a billion. Sadly, that bill sits waiting for the Senate to actually do SOMETHING. Who's been voting right along with the do-nothing Senate - why that would be Bill Nelson - the man who needs to leave ASAP which is Nov 2012. "So we’re going to have to clean this up in the senate, and we will." Sure Bill, sure. (roll eyes and sigh)
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Sep 1, 2011