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JAEF - When I need your opinion, I'll give it to you. Until then WDY STFU.
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2007 on On the Collegiate All-Americans at
A quick review of the last week’s news according to “Gainline” – and the official report is – nothing actually happened. 1. We had a premature ejaculation with a 9 paragraph report, about the “Mighty Olympic Club” it’s ties, it’s structure and it’s way of thinking. To which a very ugly debate ensued. 2. We had a National Club Championship – and you could only find 6 paragraphs of news worth reporting. There were no comments on this. 3. We had a reports on issues with the NCAA mens championship – and that was followed up by a report on the issues surrounding the exclusion/inclusion of the Cal players. Both with limited reader responses. 4. We also had the Woman’s NCAA tournament – again, nothing posted. It was like it never happened. 5. Our Canadian neighbors took on the All Blacks, and while the result may have been heavily one sided in the finish. It was not so at half time. The All Blacks were held to 26-13 by a side that is ranked 13 in the IRB ratings. That’s 12 whole places back from the leaders, New Zealand. There have been numerous comments about the differences between Canadian Rugby and USA Rugby. Who’s getting better – who’s not. Clearly Canada has improved. Holding the All Blacks to 13 points at half time is something the French couldn’t do – so yes, Canada has improved. Does this bring the efforts of the USA Eagles into a slightly different light – yes. But that wasn’t covered on this Blog. There was no report. Why? Because it potentially may draw comment that readers may consider the same – Canada has improved, so has the USA – just not as fast or as much.
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2007 on On the Collegiate All-Americans at