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I too am one of those users who has used torrents and previous P2P methods to obtains items that I would never otherwise have purchased, I'll be fair more often it results in a meh moment and stops there. However there are those moments where you love what you see, hear, experience that you go out and buy up what you can get. I understand the RIAA / Hollywood's desire to protect their income, the problem is that they target the wrong source for their declining sales. For example the iconic enemy of the RIAA was napster, however when napster was operating, contrary to the RIAA's claims it didnt not diminish their sales. In fact, during the 2 1/2 years that Napster was operating, CD sales increased by over $500 million dollars from what they were in 1998. The real reason for the decline in Music and movie sales in reality is a combination in downturns in the eocnomy and people having less expendable income in total, and the addition of a newer entertainment market increasing its market share, and by that I mean Video Games.
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May 14, 2012