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Tim Keane
Entrepreneur, Investor, and Advisor to Growth Companies
Interests: Growth Stage Company Strategy
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New podcast with successful entrepreneurs: Continue reading
For leaders of private, closely held companies, selling the company is an important and critical event in their lives. There are several important considerations in managing the sales process to avoid delays and failure to close, all centered around preparation... Continue reading
The winner of the Wisconsin Governor's Business Plan competition this year is Northern Star Fire, led by Eau Claire fire captain Jeff Dykes. It's a great story. With perhaps a moral for investors and maybe entrepreneurs. Captain Dykes designed an... Continue reading
It’s not very often that angel networks disclose results. Most of us are ready and willing to discuss our approaches, beliefs or methods, but usually stop well short of providing the proof of our assertions. Today, Golden Angels is publishing... Continue reading
Earlier this year, two dozen former students of mine, their friends and colleagues, formed Golden Angels Advisors. Their goal is to help the next generation of investors grow their expertise in both new ventures and early stage investing. Over the... Continue reading
In the final scene of “The Martian,” Matt Damon’s character, (Mark) says to a class of astronaut candidates: "At some point, everything's gonna go south on you and you're going to say, this is it. This is how I end.... Continue reading
GUEST POST By Tim Taylor "The Pitch Coach" from Silicon Valley ( The key to a successful angel group presentation is to keep in mind that your objective is to get people in the audience thinking to themselves “This is... Continue reading
Guest Post by Sean Mannion, Keane Consultants Many midsized businesses correctly worry that mistakes in new product introduction or revisions can be very risky. Customer dissatisfaction often results in shifting market share. The price of being wrong is very high.... Continue reading
I was in Ireland not too long ago in a meeting of a company board of which I'm a member. The company had a very good year - a great one, really - based on a executing a good strategy... Continue reading
This past Friday morning, there was a news story in which Brian Taffora of CSA Partners in Milwaukee criticized local angel groups for, in his words, "offering terms to startups that "de-risk" the deals for themselves but hurt the company's'... Continue reading
Last night’s game, like Saturday’s ended with a losing-team player disconsolate in the dirt, but this time without an attached ruling to talk about. Kolten Wong, a ninth- inning Cardinals pinch base runner, was cleanly picked off first base by... Continue reading
Thanks first of all to the people in my life that made it possible for me, thirteen years ago, to devote years to coaching entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship MBA students. That would first of all be my wife of 42 years,... Continue reading
Being an entrepreneur is one of the hardest jobs there is. OK, so it’s not high altitude forest-fire fighting, (unless you’re starting a fire jumping service!). Every entrepreneur knows, though, that in the quest to make a difference for customers,... Continue reading
Starbucks announced this week that it is partnering with Arizona State University to make an undergraduate education available at a steep discount to 135,000 US employees who work at least 20 hours a week. Workers will be able to choose... Continue reading
The recent story about the acquisition of ProCut, a small manufacturer in New Hampshire, by Snap On of Kenosha probably had a lot of Wisconsin-based manufacturers thinking about the successful path to a sale of their companies. Two entrepreneurs started... Continue reading
Entrepreneurs are the whole game. It's inspiring to get to hear their stories, think about their struggles and watch in amazement as they try to achieve their goals. Here's a story of one such struggle that I've come across recently:... Continue reading
A big part of company growth is the alignment of purpose in an organization. As companies grow, the leader usually has to find ways to help his team maximize their effectiveness in executing the growth goals of the company -... Continue reading
While it isn't always top of mind for entrepreneurs caught up in the rush of running and growing their businesses, long term thinking, including thinking about relationships, is pretty important. I attended a business presentation last week at Marquette University's... Continue reading
Many of you have seen this great post at Tech Crunch by Andy Ratleff from a couple of days ago. One of his points is that angels tend to lose money because they take on companies with high market risk... Continue reading
It depends. If you're asking to be referred to someone, or introduced, you may want to try and understand the dynamics in a particular situation. There is a lot of power for the recipient of the right referral - a... Continue reading
Sometimes the dog really does eat it. And sometimes it's a big dog. Tom Perkins, in telling the Tandem Computer story says "when the first product performed as expected, the company went to $100MM very quickly." We all have heard/repeated... Continue reading
Making educated guesses about which new ventures to invest in, truth be told, is a process prone to lots of error. "A venture investor who never loses isn't risking enough," said a friend of mine recently. We all can tell... Continue reading
First develop a business model. If you've been through a plan review with someone like a potential investor, think for a moment about the questions you get asked. "How did you calculate the cost of goods?" "What are your assumptions... Continue reading
It’s a deceptively simple question: what is the optimal way to finance a new startup? And the answer is also devilishly simple: It depends. Align Everyone’s Interests This seems like an easy topic – debt where there is appropriate cash... Continue reading
Spend ten minutes talking to any investor in the community who sees a lot of deals and inevitably you find that the companies that've been around are largely the same. The good ones (whatever your definition is) and the not... Continue reading