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To be honest, in DC my only regular reads are the Bat-books (specifically Batman & Robin, Batman Inc, and Red Robin). On the Marvel side my books of choice are Secret Avengers and Spider-Man, and I've recently become a fan of X-Force and Heroes for Hire. I'm a big Moon Knight fan from back in the day, so I worry what Bendis is planning for his reboot. Basically, if it has Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis, Dan Slott, Warren Ellis, Ed Brubaker, or Neil Gaiman listed as writer, I'm sold.
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Moon Knight. Anything Moon Knight. Start with the 2006 relaunch by Charlie Huston - you'll have to relive parts of Civil War, but it's worth it. And the new Vengeance of Moon Knight is good too, and overlaps a bit with Secret Avengers as well as the recent Shadowland crossover (which is also worth a read).
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If the price is right, I could go for a print edition (no e-reader yet, otherwise I'd be all over a DRM-free digital copy).
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Jul 9, 2010