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That is a good point. As Americans we should be allowed to express disapproval while still accepting other peoples alternative lifestyles. In the same manner many people don't want different religous beliefs being forced on them, I don't want alternative sexual beliefs being pushed down my throat in the media. Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | May 12, 2014 at 02:23 AM VERY WELL SAID WOODSHED GANG.
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People nowadays, and the MEDIA is mainly to blame, are so damn politically correct. People are entitled to their opinion. Just as you can accept the fact men may like men and women with other women, does not mean its something that must be forced on everyone. ESPN has been begging for something like this to happen, since they knew, somehow, someone in the NFL would comment on it. More news. On another note,the Dolphins should have also fined Pouncey because his comments exceed STUPIDITY.
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I think EVERYONE needs to go: Ireland, Philbin & Coaches. We would be playing from a position of weakness by cramming Philbin on a new GM. Lets hire a GM who hires his own staff. Philbin was supposed to be this offensive guru and frankly saw nothing of his "up tempo" offense other than a little bit of it in pre-season. I agree with Mando: no identity. Lets start from scratch in 2014.
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Dec 30, 2013