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Release early, release often. Unless you're Google because it's getting silly now. What on earth is silly about that? Actually courgette is the English word for zucchini. Zucchini is the American word for courgette.From Wikipedia: The word zucchini is the Italian name for the plant, which is why it is the more common name in Italy (zucchina/e), but also in North America, Australia and Germany, while courgette is the French name for the vegetable and is more commonly used in France, but also in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Greece, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and South Africa. [] Unfortunately seemless wordpress upgrades only seem to work if you don't have plugins... otherwise they tend to fail in painful ways between major versions. I saw this a little too often when wordpress 3.1 came out. (p.s. I work in webhosting)This is most commonly a problem when using poorly coded plugins or when the current server configuration causes problems (e.g. with file permissions).
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May 23, 2011