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Sam Tobia
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Coming from a programmer that started off on Visual Basic then moved to PHP/Javascript and is in the process of Transitioning to Java What I like about PHP is the Inline User Interface, automatic garbage collection and memory allocation and what I hate about PHP is the Inline User Interface and the lack of Thread control From my webwork PHP isn't meant to be a large scale, its suppose to be quick and simple. And from Experience you can make it as such. However, what i don't like about php is the lack of Seperation from User interface from the Core. HTML and CSS are established User interface tools. Web Designers Learn this. However, as a programmer, Iam forced into a position to treat it as part of the framework costs which I desipise. Likewise, when it comes to threading, PHP can be difficult to work. Since I'm forced to use multiple documents for different people calling one document and setting sleep variables to make sure they aren't reading it too often. Was a bit painstacking, though also an interesting puzzle But I'm less inclined to say its a worhtless language than to say it needs a proper library. Wordpress was an attempt that5 I think failed horribly. Magento is worse for the simple fact Layout.xml is their attempt to make a new HTML. I do think that PHP is fine for the fact its quick and simple, though obviously it can use some changes.
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Jul 4, 2012