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Toby Crowley
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Aside from loving the phrase "productivity porn site" (another niche that's yet to be exploited) I actually came back to this post after a while to say this: You're right. But, you're not. I get up knowing exactly what I want to do. But that's not what I get to do. What I get to do is go to my job and do it, all the while wishing it were something else. So, I make goals to get out of this job and into the next, and they become a to-do list, because I come home, spend every minute I can with my kids, and am pretty much brain dead when I get time for myself. I like knowing what goals I set for myself. And, when the kids are in bed, I like knowing where I can look to remember what goals I'd set for myself. So, yeah, I know what I want to do. When I have time to do stuff, I've often forgotten it.
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Oct 12, 2012