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I totally misunderstood the review until the very end. I thought this place was in Albuquerque, and so I was wondering what you were doing traveling to NM with these hot chicks. Then I finally figured out it's in Denver. Funny how I've never even heard of the place.
Having just seen "Precious" last week (it was the opening night gala program at the Denver Film Festival 2009), I was tempted to write back and answer some of your questions. But I don't want to spoil it for you. Let me just say that I don't think you'll be disappointed. However, there were changes made between the book and the screenplay, as there always are. Enjoy it, and tell us all what you think after you see the film.
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There's something very sexual about the photo of the first salad - the Dickens.
Arrrggghhhh! I was really looking forward to getting a delicious drink here but they closed. In fact, the same day you posted this, the Yelp dude announced they've gone out of business. I'm so sad I took a harrowing journey by RTD for nuthin. But the veggie plate at the kabob plate across Colfax rocked my world.
Beth and I went to India House in lodo last night. The food was good, but the prices were about 50% higher than any other Indian restaurant we ever visit. And the food wasn't 50% better. Good location, I guess, but not worth the money. I wish we had Indian delivery in Broomfield, but we're lucky to even have an Indian restaurant here in the first place.
Beth and I just got home from Sushi Mara in Lafayette. Everything I ordered was great; even I couldn't think of a way to improve anything. You should join us for dinner there sometime.
Did you underline the saucy double-entendres, or did you buy the book that way? "You'd swear an expert chef whizzed up the sauce." Is that "whiz" as in "I just drank a whole Big Gulp and now I need to whiz something fierce"? and "Here's a swell meat-stretcher." Where I come from, we call those fluffers.
You liked "Pressure Cooker" too, eh? That was one of my favorite films from the SDFF. I wrote a positive review of it online somewhere, and then later got an email out of the blue from one of the student chefs in the film thanking me for my support. I'm pretty sure it's the first time I got an email from the subject of a documentary (not counting my own film).
What does this have to do with Stretch Armstrong?
Damn you, Denveater! Your post made me go from "still full from supper" to "man that biscuit looks good" to "goddammit those red beans just reminded me how famished I am" in about 5 paragraphs. I love Lucile's. Not a fan of poached eggs, though. Normally I'll get red beans, grits, and one other thing. That makes a nice brunch for me.
Pizza and champagne, eh? I wonder if that "Moab" pizza was inspired by old testament Moab or new testament Moab. And what was the big cause for celebration?
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2009 on Hot Damn! Doc's & Dom at Denveater
The photos make it look like dinner was all variations on the "brown gooey stuff" theme. But, as usual, your descriptions make the food sound absolutely delicious! The grits sound really yummy, but then you had to go and use the word "spaetzle" - and in mixed company, no less! I guess I just love good spaetzle and good grits. Now look who's getting all brown and gooey.
At my day job, we're now doing some joint product development with a software team in China. So some of my coworkers have been traveling to Beijing to do some cross-training. Some of the real authentic Chinese food I've heard and read about just sounds really bizarre to me, and I don't think I could really stomach it.
So far I think the best middle eastern food I've had in the Denver area has been Marrakech Grill and Jerusalem Restaurant. And maybe even Falafel King in Boulder. It just occurred to me I should try The Med in Boulder, since I haven't been there since picking up a taste for falafel. FWIW, Beth liked the hummous and her Indian entree was pretty tasty (better than mine).
Well, Beth and I went to "Aroma Cafe" for supper last night. I was unimpressed. I ordered the falafel plate. They brought us an appetizer of pita and hummous on the house, which was nice. But neither one did anything for me. When my meal came, it had another pile of pitas and yet more hummous. The tabouli, which comes on the falafel plate was inedible, which was really disappointing because good tabouli is such a delight. The falafel balls were OK, and the rice - which looked like basmati rice but had none of the aroma of basmati - was just weirdly bland. The high point of the falafel plate was the cup of thin, mild lentil soup they brought beforehand. I have yet to find any restaurant in Denver with Middle Eastern food that's as good as even the worst restaurant I visited on my last trip to Israel. And Aroma is well behind the pack of what Denver has to offer. But I'll keep trying. If you can find me really good falafel done Israeli style within 100 miles of Broomfield, let me know.
Yuck! The squid photo almost made me hurl. I guess everyone has a line between what they're comfortable putting in their mouth and what they're not. When I first heard of the concepts of sushi and fish tacos, I thought they were both gross. But my line has since moved and now I like both of them. However, I think I spent too much of my boyhood fishing for and cleaning trout to really develop a love of eating fish guts.
Yeah, the kielbasa plate is definitely enough food for 2 full meals, maybe more. I tried eating my leftovers a couple days later, and got a stomach ache from it all.
I thought I posted a comment here a few days ago, but now that I'm back to see if there are any followups, I don't see it! Maybe it got lost in a black hole. My comment was essentially this: Is their whole restaurant halal? And how does halal differ from kosher, if at all?
You worship Giant Spaghetti Monster, and not Flying Spaghetti Monster? Wow, you ARE way out there!
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