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The Brian Burke presser made me wonder about how your lunch interview with Burke went (perhaps the picture alone tells me a lot). Did the waiter/waitress recommend a dish on the menu and Burke reply, "I don't give a rat's ass what your best dish is, I want the worst item on the menu and a side of liver." I somewhat understand what Burke is saying in that he hears the chatter going on out there about Wilson but as a few people have mentioned, he could at least qualify the answer with some positive points about RW's performance or mention players whose games have really been elevated under his watchful eye i.e., Grabovski, MacArthur, Kulemin, Schenn had a great comeback year and Tim Brent never played a full NHL season but became a very reliable player versus basically saying the fan's opinion counts for squat. Of course we don't want a GM who puts out a poll when deciding who to draft and so on, but some level of respect wouldn't hurt. Last thing: Did anyone see Beauchemin's amazing coverage on the Sullivan goal last night? Gave me bad memories! I meant 2nd last thing: Vinay, glad you are at least well enough to post VM replies. Cheers!
Pyramid - Both Caputi and Hanson were injured. I don't think Caputi played even half the season on the farm and Hanson had concussion issues this year too. He was having a strong year down on the farm and I don't think he looked out of place during his call-up. We talked a lot recently about the lack of a big body in front of the net on the power play. These two guys seem like the type of players who could have done just that.
@Moe - very nice report card for the guys! I am, I think like you, quite disappointed right now as the playoffs start and again, no Leafs. I really hope the message is taken that a heroic effort in the last half cannot overcome a horrific effort in the first half. Sure, some changes were made that made a huge difference, most obviously in nets but that was essentially out of default and other teams, notably NJ will be gaining an all-star in Parise back from the get-go so it's no guarantee for next year either. To echo lots of others' comments, I had fun looking forward to the post-game reviews from Vinay, the in-game back and forth commentary and so on that this board provides. I wish you all the best over the summer and enjoy the excitement of hopefully picking up some talent in the draft and free agent period. On a side, I can't imagine too many of the Canucks fans are happy to see the Hawks as the 1st round opponents.
VInay, I sent a whole bunch of songs through so it likely went to spam. Sorry for the extra work given your condition! Hope you feel better and nice 'non-leafs' leafs piece in the Life section the other day! If anyone wants to drop me an email over the summer, you can grab my address from Vinay (or Boo, Moe etc).
I think there has been some discussion of who stays and who goes from the current roster but who do you realistically think is going to be the starting line-up next fall? Have guys like Hanson and Caputi had enough time to prove if they belong and it's time to see if they can be packaged along with some current roster players for a missing element? Is Orr going to make it back healthy and if so, do they need both Rosehill and Orr? I like Boyce and Brent but are they too similar in skill level and we need an upgrade at 3rd line. Maybe Bozak fits the 3rd line centre requirement if they can add a top line centre. This feels like a Moe Green special with a bunch of questions strung together! I also just created my students final exam of 100 questions so that could be a heavy influence. Anyway, I will continue to watch hockey throughout the playoffs but as someone mentioned before, it really boils down to the teams left as it progresses that determines my interest. A few years back when there were some incredible 2nd round matchups (The Bruins vs the Canes and specifically Chara vs. Staal) I was glued to the set much to the dismay of the gf who hoped hockey watching ended when the Leafs lost. I am hoping Crosby comes back and is able to be part of a victory over T-Bay since Hedman lead to his prolonged absence. I don't know if it could happen based on seedings but a Bruins-Pens Eastern Final is my expectation and I honestly think the Ducks could do some damage if Hiller is back at 100%. If the Canucks have to play the Hawks first round, that could be very interesting. No Byufglien to get in Lu's face this year but the bad blood between the teams and being knocked out back to back years would make for some good games. Most importantly, this blog has been loads of fun this year and made the season even more fun. Have fun at the summer patio get together and here is to one more victory for the Buds tomorrow. Thanks to Vinay as well for the chance to write a guest post! Cheers! Todd
Bruins up 2-0 in the first and outshot them 19-5 in the first period (on the road!). Keep it up. I would love Torts' boys to drop their final 3 games and see the look on his face if it happens.
The Vancouver chapter of ALFB is expanding and now holding regular meetings! We had a blast last night despite being booed by some Canucks fans at the bar when we all cheered the Leafs goals. I would like to think that it was karma (that they were chirping the Leafs earlier) that lead to their team getting smoked by the Oilers at home. I am a mixed bag of excitement for what will happen next year but at the same time, it's deflating that there is actually more teams that make it than don't and again, we are in the minority situation of looking in on the playoffs. I don't think it's a case of winning when it doesn't matter this year and I really see some hope in Dion's fantastic play down the stretch, the Grabo-Kules-McArthur line, Kadri's improved play in his 2nd call-up and a guy like Rosehill stepping in nicely for Orr on the 4th line. This is all without mentioning Reimer's emergence and Schenn's nice comeback from the sophomore slump. That being said, I don't see how winning a lot since the all-star break will carry over the whole summer but I hope they find a way of making it happen. I can only imagine how pumped McCabe was for scoring that goal given his rough exit from Toronto and the boos every time he has returned since.
It is actually getting to the point of ridiculous when it comes to the teams we need to help the Leafs out failing miserably! The Caps lost two games in the whole month of March, Ovie comes back and they lose to the Canes the other day. The 2nd goal Neuvirth gave up last night against the Sabres was plain Toskala-esque and the Caps have that kid Holtby in the minors with a couple of shutouts. I know the Leafs left some pretty winnable games on the table early on so I am not complaining but it's getting almost humorous. I am watching the Jays game and the showed Dion putting back some beers. Nice! Good support for the other pro teams in town.
Good lord, the refs seem to be ignoring the rangers trips, crosschecks etc. I suppose the Flyers rep doesn't help them at times with getting the benefit of the doubt. Here we go Richards, put one home to help your home team.
McCabe is looking like a man possessed. Time for Carter to win one for the flyers.
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, Giroux is an incredible player. Now the stage is set for a rangers collapse (I hope).
I am absolutely loving this time of the year for sports. The Dome is rocking in the 1st inning already. It makes me think of the years when the Jays had amazing squads and huge crowds year after year. I really hope they get the support they deserve as a young team playing in a stacked division. I may have to head down to Seattle next week for a game. GO JAYS GO! GO LEAFS GO!
I meant to say earlier that Rosehill's quick interview clip about the Lucic scrap was pretty awesome on TSN. He managed to stay so matter-of-fact when talking about the fight and didn't even crack a smile when he was basically making fun of the Lucic shadow boxing moves. Rosey is up there with my favourites on this team.
The Academic holds a special place in my heart. I watched Sid the Kid win gold for Canada there so yeah, they lost to the Blackhawks when we watched there but it would be fun to meet up there again...however, I might be out on a hike with the gf and others. I will let you know the plan though and if I can't make it, of course you should still hold the meeting!
Thanks for the kind words from earlier from a number of you. My proposal is going to be in my committee's hands now and they have a few weeks to review it. Then I have to defend it (a 2 hour public forum) on April 18th which I still believe will be game 2 of the 1st round of the playoffs for the Leafs. I only got home in time for the 3rd and that alone may have taken years off my life. It was insane and I was praying to whatever higher power presides over shootouts. I was telling boo earlier that when Grabo got stopped on the penalty shot, I nearly fell of my couch. So ridiculous what this team can do to us eh?
And Moe, Aerosmith is from there as I am sure you know. I made the mistake of not knowing that they and the J. Geils band were playing Fenway on the day I walked over to do a tour and I honestly thought the scalpers were going to kill me when I asked "who is playing?" Speaking of Aerosmith... - Sweet Emotion - Rag Doll
@moe - I loved the city the few times I have been there. Most recently, I went there last summer for a educator's job market (basically a place where phd students try to get their first professor job) and I had a fair amount of down time and loved exploring the city. I mean, c'mon, they have the bar that Cheers was based on! From my understanding, it is a fantastic sports town but you have to put up with die-hard Bruins, Red Sox, Celtics and Patriots fans and listen to that guy on NESN who is the bruins commentator, Jack Edwards. As for more sports stuff, Fenway Park is a cool place but the Sox weren't in town when I was there so I just did a tour of the park. I think it has a pretty good music scene and there is a fair amount of green space, tons of universities in the area too. My understanding is the weather is colder than T.O. and maybe even more snow but probably not hugely different and they can have very warm summers. Like Toronto, there is a waterfront but I would say it's considerably nicer than the TO waterfront (I know that isn't saying much due to the condo-explosion along the Quay and Front st). It's only a few hours from NYC too and a lot of New England is quite beautiful i.e. New Hampshire, Vermont. There is tons of nature-based stuff to do in the area and if you are a history buff, they have a really cool trail through 'time' through the city. Another nice thing about it, is while it was a fair hike to get from the interview site to my hotel, I was able to ditch the suit and covered a lot of the city in less than a few hours. If you want, add me on facebook if you have it and I have a whole album of my trip to Boston. Cheers (no pun intended)!
Thanks, i mean c'mon, a pre-game playlist or a 135 page document that will ultimately determine if I get a job and/or tenure. easy choice! - outshined by soundgarden - hunger strike by temple of the dog - No Excuses by Alice in chains - rebellion (lies) by arcade fire -Valhalla by K-OS w/ Sam Roberts Help, I'm Alive by Metric - Cochise by Audioslave - Wish you were here by Incubus - Sabotage by Beastie Boys Now I am about to submit my dissertation proposal to my committee! VM Replies: Now this is dedication. Thank you, TG77. And good luck with the submission!
Moe, you have to take the good with the bad man and right now, this is GOOD! I know what you are saying and yeah the PP has been bad all year and even worse with no kaberle to carry the puck but there can still be hope for one more night. Sadly, the Canes went to OT and the Habs have scored for the first time in a week. Anyway, what a great atmosphere at the ACC and they passed another team out west with the win. 5 games, 10 points and 1 goal.
Shut up Greg Millen. He has this weird knack of making bad things happen immediately after suggesting it. Can he say komisarek is going to get a hat trick next game? Or Kessel will lay someone out with a huge hit?
Might make sense to put Kadri between Kessel and Gary Lupul for the 3rd. Pardon me if that has been done. Kinda listening, kinda making my lecture slides.
Kadri is getting an earful for that extra move. Could have been amazing but didn't work out. Could also blame Gunnar for pinching there too. Anyway, I predicted a 5-3 win for the Leafs so I am sticking with it.
Nazem Kadri has arrived ladies and gentleman. I know it's one game but it seems like Eakins has done wonders for this kid and he looks a lot better since he got called up. Awesome for Sparky to get a goal against his former team.
Jesus, Gunnar went to the Tomas Kaberle school of not shooting from the point.