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Some interesting comments indeed. I think that it is important that we respect everyone's personal choice to stay or leave. Everyone has their own reasons. I would never use the term flyjin as I think it is derogatory and only serves to even further endanger international relations in these trying times. I've been to the areas affected by the disaster several times in the last few weeks and never have anyone questioned me for staying or for not leaving. We have to remember that the people up north haven't changed. Media is trying it's darned best to sow fear and distrust but the people I have met so far won't have any of it. I walked around in central Kesennuma yesterday afternoon and am happy to have seen a couple of shops open, as well as a regular ferry service resumed, complete with ticket kiosk and vending machines, right in Kesennuma harbor! Last week I drove through Minamisoma City and although largely empty, by no means the deserted ghost town media made it out to be. I even stopped for a meal while there. Great people, great smiles, despite all that have happened. Let's not make it any worse by arguing, using negative terms and pointing fingers! Love, Tokyobling
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2011 on Gaijin, Flyjin, Stayjin and Tryjin at Japanory
As much as I like Danny personally (he is a great guy and fun to be around) I regret to tell you the he and I are not one and the same, also Mark's article is about Omusoba which is quite different from the Okonomiyaki that I mention in the post. But, thanks for mentioning it! (^-^;) Also, Hi Lisa! (^0^)/
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2010 on How to make omusoba at TOKYOMANGO
Ouch. Fake eye lashes are really difficult to shoot properly. That make up artist and that photographer is going to have long long conversation about this! Still, I have seen worse. is now following TypePad チーム
Aug 20, 2010