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Alice: A couple things. The WBM article was not used as "fodder" by an "anti-Natural wine crowd." However, given the emphasis on wild yeast fermentation among champions of natural wine, its hard to deny that this topic would not be of significant interest to the "natural" wine world. Second, I'm wondering about this: If there is a new winery built and the owners commit to a wild yeast fermentation, and it turns out that the wild yeasts that are present in and control this fermentation turn out to be the aggressive, common, commercially produced yeasts that are sold in catalogs (due most likely to their common use by other wineries in the region and that have become the common ambient yeasts in the region), this is still a "wild" yeast fermentation, right? Or has the fermentation been "fucked up" by the winery's neighbors, as Hank puts it? Finally, the claim that thee is no such thing as a wild yeast fermentation was not mine. It was a quotation.
I would argue that a lack of definition for what is "natural" in the wine world is helpful for this movement: It allows the promotion of the "idea" without having to adhere to anything in particular. On the other hand, it means that anybody can righteously call their wine "natural" and have every legitimate reason to call it "natural" without any fear that their labeling of their wine natural being called into question.
BevLJ Out of state wine retailers would happily pay for permits as well as remit state taxes. They do in other states already and the direct shipment of wine from out of state retailers has done nothing to put local retailers out of business.
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Dec 15, 2010