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Tom Grey
IT & finance American guy, happily married with 4 kids, living in Bratislava, Slovakia
Interests: Thinking!, reading, jogging, ultimate frisbee, current events, history & geography -- making the world a better place, primarily through better policies (which work better in practice); like, surprisingly (?) religion. My interest changes are deleted, too!
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Funny that you focus on premature deindustrialization rather than premature gov't bureaucracy growth. Harvard has probably been among the worst in the world because of promoting gov't, and thus force based development, rather than peaceful, voluntary exchanges and private investment. Had the "aid" for most poor countries gone into either manufacturing investment OR micro-finance service development (hair stylist? furniture making? house building?), the reduced opportunities to use low cost flexible labor instead of expensive robots would be less problematic.
Compared to Tax Cuts, and bankruptcy for the huge CDO speculators, the Bailout & Porkulus are terrible. For consumers/ savers, deposit insurance protects them from bankruptcy. For Moral hazard, bankruptcy is REQUIRED to avoid future crises, and Long Term Capital Management of the past shows this today. In bankruptcy, after "all peaceful agreements can NOT be fulfilled", the courts and Congress could have decided how to restructure the top, failed/ insolvent Big banks. Those that speculated (wrongly thinking it was safe investing in high yield junk), get fired.
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Hitchens is even better than Blair. But W has had some fine speeches -- just not covered by the MSM fairly. Also, none of the pro-war folk are really focussing on the biggest issue -- how LONG it takes to do Liberation/ nation building. 10 years in Vietnam was NOT enough. Bush should come out with a rough 10 year plan (from April 2003), to get more focus on how the critics want it to be "faster". But the speed is up to the Iraqis, not the US.
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2005 on Hitchens: "A war to be proud of" at CenterFeud
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ENVY is the main reason; rich, powerful, successful is not perfect. But America is the best. It's better than the child-raping UN; China, Russia; France. Maybe no better than the UK, but neither is the UK better than the US. And most people in most countries have a huge desire to have their country "the best". "Higher standards" implied by Bo is terrible. We need the SAME standards, and accurate reporting on results; and the expectation that America will more often achieve higher performance. Bo, would you say FDR was wrong to ally with the evil Stalin to stop the more aggressive Hitler? Isn't the USA responsible for Stalin's later atrocities BECAUSE we supported him? [my answers: no, it was important to stop Hitler first. Partially yes, we supported a monster -- but realpolitik is supporting the lesser evils UNTIL we can support the Good -- like democracy in Iraq.]
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2005 on The rising tide of anti-Americanism at CenterFeud
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